Silence, Our Key to Sanctity

Silence, Our Key to Snactity

In a world that is constantly beeping and humming in our ears, silence has become a hidden enemy to many people.  Quiet rooms beckon the need to check social media and an hour of free time can easily be swallowed up.  I have personally found that, even when I firmly intend to work until a task is finished, my phone is usually picked up within a few minutes.  The reality that the whole world is figuratively ‘at our finger tips’ begins to dominate.  We know that we have access to so much; there is always something to check, catch up on, or learn more about.

This constant life of motion that we have grown used to can work its way into every part of our lives.  The minute we wake up, we find a phone full of messages and emails.  A full day of responsibilities slaps us in the face as we whip up something to eat and then rush out the door.  Before we know it, our day is over and we may have never even thought about the God who made us.

It’s only when we unplug from the craziness that we can really hear the quiet voice of God speak.  Sometimes he speaks in a whisper and sometimes in more dramatic ways.  But, no matter what, his voice is heard much easier in the silence.  He isn’t asking us to red-poppies-in-a-wild-meadow-2move mountains; he only wants us to remember his love for us for a few minutes each day.

By taking a few minutes a day to spend with God, we can easily develop a loving relationship with the God who made us.  Mother Teresa once said, “God speaks in the silence of the heart.  Listening is the beginning of prayer.”  Just by listening to the quiet of our hearts and being in tune to the voice of God, we can better understand His loving will for our lives.

Spending time in silence is probably one of the most counter-cultural ideas ever.  Our success-and-productivity-driven society is constantly pushing us to look out for number one.  While success is good in and of itself, it demands time.  To carve out part of our valuable day for something not truly directed at ourselves is almost completely against these goals.  But this is so much more than just about us.

When we worship God, we are looking for success in a completely different way.  Instead of seeking success in our grades or career choices, we are seeking success in our eternal pondering-1destiny.  Without eternity, our lives have lost their meaning.  Without a loving God who made us and keeps us in existence every day, we have lost our purpose.  Without the knowledge that there is so much more than just the here and now, it would be pretty hard to come to grips with some of the troubles that we face in our daily lives.

Just like any relationship, our time and love is what Christ really wants.  He desires our undivided love, and that is all.  Without giving him some of our time, however, we might not hear his voice calling us to love Him in the same way that He has loved us.  It is through our silent prayer with God that He will make Himself evident in our lives.  Just by taking the time to listen to our heavenly Father’s voice, a beautiful prayer has just begun.

I hope you have had a blessed beginning to Lent,


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