The Must Read Lenten Book List

Lent is one of many liturgical seasons that call us to dive deeper into our faith.  Aside from ordinary things we give up or do, I always love to do some extra reading during Lent.  It is a perfect time to pull out those books that you have been wanting to read for so long but just didn’t have the motivation.  I hope this list intrigues you and gives you a the extra push to pull a book off your shelf or visit your local library.


Rediscovering Jesus:

Rediscovering JesusWith 40 concise chapters, this is a wonderful book to read every day during Lent.  Each chapter is part of a study of Christian faith.  Matthew Kelly spares no detail as he examines the importance of the Gospels, the true purpose of authentic Christian love, and calls each of us to live radical lives of faith for Christ.  Each chapter is finished with questions to ponder and take to prayer, as well as a bible verse that can be applied to the passage.  While this book is not necessarily about Lent, I think that it showcases the many facets of our faith in a beautiful way during this season.

7 Secrets of the Eucharist:

This is a great book to read in preparation for Holy Thursday.  As a cradle Catholic, it is 7 secrets to the Eucharistsometimes easy to take Christ’s total gift of self for granted.  After reading this book, though, there is no way to take anything lightly.  Vinny Flynn examines the many forgotten aspects of Christ’s unending sacrifice in eye opening ways.  He explains how the Eucharist is truly Christ living in us, the beauty of Spiritual communion, and so much more.  This book will totally change the way you look at receiving Holy Communion.

Made for More:

Made for MoreThrough this simple book, Curtis Martin delivers an easy to understand analysis of the Resurrection, heaven, and the human longing for truth that is so deeply engraved in each of us.  He describes the doubts of early Christians, doubts that are especially applicable in this time before Easter.  He also paints a picture for us of what our eternal home will look like one day.  With such a beautiful futuristic Christian mindset, this is a wonderful book to read while waiting for the coming of the Lord.

The Face of the Nazarene:

Though I have not yet read this book, I plan to read it during holy week this year on the Face of the Nazarenesuggestion of a good friend.  Noel Trimmings takes a novel approach at Jesus’s last six months of ministry before His death on the cross.  He focuses mostly on Jesus’s work in Bethany, surrounding Lazarus being raised from the dead.  The lives of Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and many more are all changed by Jesus’s being there.  I am very intrigued by this book and cannot wait to read it.

His Cross in Your life:

His Cross in your LifeHis Cross in Your Life, by Bertrand Weaver, is a beautiful collection of Lenten meditations
on the cross.  Each chapter looks closely into how the crucified Christ can help us through different aspects of life.  From pride to a desire for achievement or peace, the crucified Lord is with us through it all.   This wonderful collection of meditations is perfect to read during Lent as a way to feel closer to Christ and His sufferings.



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