St. Patrick: A Saint For Our Times


Sometimes it can be easy to put the saints in the past and just keep them there.

Maybe they lived hundreds of years ago or just led completely different lives than we live now.

However, they are some of the most inspiring people that have ever walked this earth and we owe them the credit for that.

St. Patrick is one saint that I don’t think gets enough recognition in the Catholic Church for the right reasons.

He has his own international holiday that doesn’t necessarily recognize the good that he did.  Most of us associate St. Patrick’s Day with a man with a green cape and staff, not the saint that he was.

However, the Patrick that we do not know so well was a wonderful evangelist, a faithful friend, and a companion to Christ all of his days.

That is the Patrick that we, as young Christians, need to follow right now.

As a young Christian evangelist, we can learn many things from St. Patrick and his easy to understand evangelization.  After all, in the quick paced world that we live in, it will take quick thinking Christians to grab the attention of those around them and bring them to Christ in subtle ways.  Here are just a few ways that St. Patrick used his quick wits and resources to spread the faith to the people of Ireland.

Patrick Used What He Had: Instead of looking for more or hoping for things that he didn’t have in the first place, St. Patrick used what he had on hand and ran with it.  For instance, the age old example of the shamrock comes to mind.  By using something as simple as a weed, Patrick was able to explain something as complex and wonderful as the trinity.  While St. Thomas Aquinas wrote whole volumes about the Triune God, St. Patrick could explain it to a shepherd by in a few short sentences.  That is amazing!!

He Did Not Let His Trials Stop Him:  While it would have been easy for him to give up at many points in his life, St. Patrick never did.   His long life of service and dedication is proof of this fact.  Every day was a testimony to his love of God and neighbor.  We are called to live no differently.  We are called to face our trials and troubles with god fearing courage and know that God has them in the palm of His hand.  With that kind of trust and determination, we will never fail and will walk victoriously in St. Patrick’s footsteps as saints.

He Gave of Himself Completely:  What if young Patrick had just settled for less and thought God could use someone else?  We would be short a saint and a whole lot of Irish Christians!  Patrick did not doubt God’s will in his life and knew that he would be able to accomplish great things if he only followed God’s plan.  St. Patrick was not just called to be a shepherd; He was called to be God’s hands and feet in Ireland.  We are called to be God’s hands and feet, too.  We are called to be Christ at school and at the grocery store and with your friends.  Everywhere we go, we can be his light and shine in the same way that Patrick did.  God did not call us to settle; he called us to greatness.

I hope you enjoyed this fresh look at St. Patrick and will take it with you as you spread the gospel.  Have a beautiful St. Patrick’s day!


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