The Art of Catholic Soul Searching


The Art of Catholic Soul Searching; Finding Peace Without AnswersLent is a time of spiritual soul searching.  For many people, it is the time of year when we really dig deep and ask all of those scary questions that we might not dare to ask any other time of year.  We may feel called to step out into the world of faith that we don’t usually venture into.  It may be the only time of year that we volunteer our time, by helping others, or give up part of our daily routine to spent time in prayer with Our Lord.  No matter what we do in our searching, we have a general hope to grow closer to God through our actions.  And that is an amazing thing!!

We ask questions: a lot.  After all, we are human.  We want to know the key to theSoul Searching universe, but God knows we can only handle so many answers at once.  That being said, he only reveals himself in little pieces and usually when we least expect it.  Like my mom said every single day when I was younger, ‘Patience is a virtue’!!

So what are some of those big questions?    What do you want me to do with my life, Lord?  What is the next step?  Why do I feel called to do this specific thing?  What will heaven be like?  How will I ever be as holy as you have called me to be?

What is the purpose of my life?

Big life questions carry a lot of punch.  They can keep us up at night and keep us busy during the day.  People spend their entire lives trying to find out why they were created or why the world constantly goes around and around each day.  And after lifetimes of thought and study, they can still come short without one small detail.

Christianity fills that void like the last small puzzle piece finishes a puzzle.  No one can deny that there is peace in knowing that an all loving God is holding our life and our purpose in His hand.  We can rest assured when we realize this divine truth and understand that He will never ever leave us.

Now back to those questions.  Even if God could answer every one of our questions, do you really think that would make your life any easier?  Would it put all of your fears to rest in the blink of an eye?  Or would it bring a whole slew of new fears to your attention?

I have a feeling that if someone came up to me and said they had the answers to all of those questions, I would think they were crazy.  And I wouldn’t believe them.

If I look back a year and think about all that has happened in my life, I don’t know if I Unfailing Love Print (1)would have believed all of the change that was to come.  But, yet, as each experience happens and comes our way, it feels natural and all a part of God’s bigger plan for us.  Through each trial, the knowledge that He is in control and is watching over us brings us peace.  It may not always be a restful peace, but it is a peace in knowing that we are cared for and protected by a Father who loves us.  That is quite possibly the most comforting phrase you will ever hear.

So, no, Lent is not an ‘Answer-All-Season’ in the church.  Heaven is that season.  But until then, we can trust in the unending mercy and love of Our Father.  Even in our questions and doubts, He will never leave us or forsake us.   Our Lenten soul searching may not answer every question in our minds, but it will certainly bring us to prayer and a deeper relationship with God.  If we can count on that this Lent, all of the questions will be worth the wait.


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