Mary; Our Guide to Perfect Catholic Femininity

Mary; Our Guide to Perfect Catholic Femininity

We have all heard the praises of many different ladies over the years.  Nancy Reagan, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, and the like are some beautiful, classy woman who have become models of ladylike grace over the past hundred years.  And rightly so.  These are all beautiful inspirational woman that we could all learn from in one way or another.

On top of these prominent figures, Catholic woman are flooded with the awe-filling examples of the admirable female saints that we have all grown to love.  Joan, Catherine, Teresa, Therese, Gianna, Chiara; all of these beautiful women fill our hearts when we think of what God might be calling us to be or do for Him.  We want to do His will and are encouraged by the examples of these strong women.

But above every one of these figures, secular and religious alike, there is one Woman who will always be the greatest.  As we reach for the stars, she has the moon.  As we fight temptation, she is strangling it under her foot.  As we lose sight of Christ on a daily basis, she never averted her eyes for 33 years.

Mary is the ultimate female figure that has ever or will ever walk this earth.  She was a simple woman, we can imagine, but she was a Queen.  God chose a simple, humble servant, a poor virgin, to be the Mother of God made Man.  And the King of the Universe remained subject to her for His whole life.  Jesus humbled Himself in order to bring glory to His mother.  Now, that is amazing.  That just shows us even more how very important she is and should be to all of us.

By humbling herself, Mary has become one of the most influential women to have ever Pope Benedict XVIwalked the earth.  Humility is one of those virtues that is not usually associated with a strong woman in our modern culture.  Instead, strength is usually portrayed by a woman’s power over herself, her presence, or her overall influence.  Mary was a strong feminine figure in a completely different way.  Through the way that she succumbed to God’s will for her life, she gave up all control.  She lost her own social presence and gave it to her Son.  And instead of directly influencing people herself, she directed their sole attention to her Son.

As Catholic ladies, we have so many reasons to be in tune to the Blessed Virgin’s example.  By her we learn what is really important in our lives; our families, loved ones, service of those around us, and a constant awareness of the will and love of the Father.  By her life lived completely inside the will of God, we can learn to better follow His will in our own lives.  She is the one true influence for all Catholic woman hoping to be strong and brave under the service of our King.

As we continue in this month of Mary, I pray that your relationship with the Blessed Virgin grows and flourishes.  Have a blessed day!!


3 thoughts on “Mary; Our Guide to Perfect Catholic Femininity

  1. I LOVE Audrey Hepburn! Some of her clothes are modest and I have seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
    I love that movie!

    I hope you are doing well, Miss Maddy!

    Pax Christi, Julia


    1. Yes!!! So many of those ladies are wonderful role models for femininity, but I think we can all agree that Mary is the queen!!! Lol.


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