Hi Ladies,

It always amazes me the amount of good a single person can do.  If we really look at all of the people in our lives and analyze the kind, generous, faithful, helpful, encouraging acts they do each day, we would be amazed, I’m sure.

It only takes one person to make a difference.  No matter what you are doing, you can be the change.  Spreading the faith, fighting for life, being a voice when no one else will stand up.  We all have the power to do amazing things for the Lord and His people.  After all, we are the hope for the future of everything that is happening right now!!

You are the hope for the future of everything that is happening right now!!

Looking at the beautiful women who have made themselves vulnerable in the Catholic church fills me with this hope.  In a world that values woman for all of the wrong things and usually fails to recognize them for their God-given gifts, so many ladies have stepped up to the call for greatness and broken every wall.

The following women are doing so much for Christ and His people!!  They never fail to inspire me and I hope they encourage you as well.  If you haven’t heard of these beautiful ladies, please look them up and give them some love on social media!!

Emily Wilson:

Emily Wilson is a wonderful California woman who has taken the idea of doing God’s will by storm.  Her goal is to empower woman in all of the ways the world is trying to push them down.    She’s a speaker, musician, wife, youtuber, blogger, author, and so much more.  She is such an inspiration and a joy to listen to.  Emily answers questions, talks about purity, healthy relationships, and life as a Catholic Christian.  I once heard an interviewer say that she illuminates sunshine and Jesus in everything she does and I couldn’t agree more!!  So go check her out!!

Instagram: @emwilss

Christina Grace:

Christina inspires me so much.  I’m sure every girl alive has had a time where they wished something were different.  In Christina’s case, she prayed for a husband for years without finding one.  She wanted to be married and to fulfill her vocation so much, but God had His own timing!!  By waiting on the Lord, Christina was finally blessed with a wonderful husband and is now expecting her first child.  While waiting may be hard, Christina shares how it can also be extremely beautiful.

Instagram @theevangelista

Sarah Swafford:

Sarah’s main focus is on something most of us don’t really think about.  While most of us tend to think of virtues in concrete ways, (patience, kindness, faithfulness, etc.) Sarah goes to the heart and talks all about Emotional Virtue.  This covers all fields; chastity, courage, generosity and many more.  By going to the core of virtue, Sarah helps to shape our relationships and lives towards inner strength and authenticity.  She is such a wonderful resource for all people, especially those searching for good, pure relationships.  If you are interested in this topic, you can pick up her book, Emotional Virtue, or check out her website.

Instagram: @sarahswafford18

Christina Mead:

Christina focuses on the trust of the statement, ‘YOU ARE ENOUGH’.  In a world that degrades authenticity when it doesn’t fit a mold, we need more people shouting this message from the rooftops.  Her new book, More Than a Pretty Face, just hit the shelves and I am so excited to read it.  Christina is truly a force to be reckoned with.


Teresa Tomeo:

I first fell in love with Teresa when I was… oh…  about thirteen.  I read all of her All Things Girl books in about a week.  As a teen, Teresa struggled with the then-unheard-of disease, Anorexia.  Her experience with this now common epidemic opened her eyes to the danger of many of the messages fed to us through television and the internet.  She also wrote a book, called Noise, which talks about all of these problems in-depth for an older audience.  I read Noise on the advice of my parish priest and it was eye-opening.  If you have never heard of Mrs. Tomeo, you should definitely look her up.  So much to learn from her wonderful work!!

Instagram: @teresa.tomeo

Jackie Francois Angel:

Jackie is a speaker, wife, mamma, blogger and so much more.  She and her husband, Bobby, do ministry together and encourage people all over the world.  She talks about many things, from praying for the right man, to motherhood, to her love of music, to our Blessed Mother.  On top of her speaking, she also travels full time as a worship leader!!    Jackie is just so much fun.  If you want to hear any of her Steubenville talks, which are all amazing, you can find them on the Steubenville Conference site or You Tube.

Instagram: @jackiefrancois

Who are the inspiring woman in your life??



  1. This was a great post! I found some of my favorites, and heard of some new ladies. I’ll have to check them out. 🙂


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