THE AMERICAN DREAM: Looking at Our Freedom Through the Eyes of the Church


Hello Friends in Christ,

For those of us who call America home, today is a day of somewhat mixed emotions. While many people use the fourth as an excuse to shoot off fireworks and have some friends over, the fourth of July is so much more than that.  It is the memorial of our nation’s first day of independence.  And besides celebrating the success of a nation now 241 years old, we also have a lot to grieve about.

Our freedom did not come without a price.

We have hundreds of thousands of brave people to thank for the freedom that we now bear.

I will walk freely (1)

A friend and I were talking a couple of years ago when this idea first came to me.  She mentioned that, if we had lived 75 years ago, we would probably have boyfriends fighting overseas.  And while we both laughed a little at the thought, I know the thought made us cringe too.  This idea, however simple, is proof of the suffering our country has gone through in times past to get us to the place that we are today.  Tens of thousands of families have been separated, for a time or forever, for the sole purpose of bringing countries closer and closer to independence.

Even today, no one can deny America’s strong presence in the forces.  Years and years of hard work, many completely directed towards the help of others, are proof of the good America has done in the pursuit of freedom, here and abroad.




Pope John Paul Freedom (1)

See, Americans have been able to share the gift they have been given by helping those around us to come closer to that same goal.  Even if that meant bringing us closer to suffering.

It saddens me to know that I can go days, if not weeks or months, without ever being thankful for all that we have been given and all that others gave.  We get caught up in our lives and forget that we wouldn’t be living the way we are without the gifts from others.

truly free

The human tendency is to ignore depressing things that aren’t right in front of us.  And when we don’t live with visible reminders of years past every day, we tend to forget the suffering that has brought us to where we are.


The problem is that, after being use to a luxury for so long, it becomes more and more mundane and less and less amazing.  We can easily become comfortable with knowing we will be able to do the things that we have always done without resistance.  What we don’t tend to realize is that those ‘mundane’ things might be missing if it weren’t for the great sacrifices of others.

We are so so so lucky as a nation to have the rights that we have.  While it is sad that it takes a national holiday to bring this appreciation to mind, it is wonderful to honor these brave souls when ever we can.

God Bless America


My challenge to you is this: to allow today to bring you to a deeper thankfulness of those who have served our country and died for the sake of our freedom.  That through today, we may not forget, but appreciate, every little gift that we have been given.

Aside from this, we should also be extra thankful to God for His protection over us and all those who serve.  He has called us all to bravery in faith, so I know that he is watching over our military with a loving eye.

Thank you, brave men and women, for you sacrifice, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

In Christ,


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