6 Lessons to Learn From the History Books of the Bible

Good Morning, Sisters!!

Like many people, I have always found the New Testament MUCH easier to read than the Old Testament.  The language and style always seem to be more applicable.  A profound take away can usually be found in a very short amount of time.  And there is a lot more ‘Christianity’ than ‘Jewish law’.

But comfort zones of faith are never a good thing.  Am I right?


When I started working through the Old Testament, I found it very, very hard.  I caught myself skimming a lot (which I don’t usually do) and closing the chapter without really feeling like I tried to understand or grow from what I had just read.  And that really made me sad.

After a while of just ‘going through the motions’ in my Old Testament readings, I started to wonder if I could look at these books under a different light.

I started to look at how people responded to their situations.  I watched them worship in joy, cry out in anger, and spin around in confusion.  I watched them overcome defeat, illness, poverty, lukewarmness, and evil.  They failed, fell down, ran away, got lost, and usually came back to the only Thing they could count on.

And then I began to realize that the people of the Old Testament dealt with many of the same things that we deal with now.  Thousands of years later.

There is so much merit in reading these ancient works.  They are steeped in the goodness of our Christian heritage and overflowing with the grace of God.  So don’t give up!!

Note: Before I get into the list, one thing.  I will only be focusing on the history books of the bible.  That includes…

Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1st Samuel, 2nd Samuel, 1st Kings, 2nd Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah.

And on to the list!!!

The History Books of the Bible have taught me that…

+ God is our divine protector:

| via: Judges 10: 12-13, 1st Samuel 11:13 |

The Jewish people were not a race unfamiliar with hardship.  They were constantly belittled for their beliefs and shuffled around.  Rejection and discomfort were part of their lives.  However, through it all, they had their protector in Christ.  When He heard their call, He was forever faithful in answering them.

In our lives, we have hardships and trials as well.  And while they might not consist of being rejected or scattered around a country, it is still easy to mope in our troubles.  We can definitely learn from the history books and call out to God instead.

+ Fear is never of God

| via: 1st Samuel 4:20, 1 Kings 19:6 |

When we say yes to God’s plan for our lives, we are essentially placing all of our fears into the hands of God.  We are saying that we trust Him, completely.  We are His and we will never cease to be His.  But by giving into fear, we are saying that we don’t trust Him with this thing.

The people of the Old Testament had hundreds of things they could have been afraid of on a daily basis.  And yes, they did succumb to fear many times.  But it important to realize they also turned back to God when they realized just how much they needed Him.  That is such a wonderful lesson to us.  It is never too late to disown fear.

+ The Lord’s power is beyond our comprehension and worthy is He to be praised

| via: 1 Samuel 12:16, 1 King 8:29, 1 Chronicles 16:4, 2 Chronicles 2:3-9, 2 Chronicles 13:12, 2 Chronicles 30:21-22 |

God’s power is completely beyond our comprehension.  He is almighty, all-loving, all-present, and always here for us when we need him.  We all tend to forget this awesome truth often.  And even as God parted the sea for them, the people of the Old Testament also forgot God’s great power.

Though we don’t often have physical reminders of God’s power such as these, God’s power can be seen in smaller ways as well.  Think of the Eucharist.  Talk about power!!!

Another thing that I love about the History books is that these people knew how to worship!!  They were constantly singing and dancing to the glory of God.  What a beautiful environment to live in, amidst a people who is continually praising the God of the Universe.  People of the 21st Century, take note:)

+ God will be with us always, in all that we do

| via: 2nd Samuel 7:3, 1 Chronicles 14:10 |

God’s faithfulness to his children is unending.  We see this time and time again through the History books.  God is always watching over his children, caring for them, and making sure that they are still doing what will best help them to live faithful, virtuous lives.

While the people of Old were constantly cared for and watched over by God, we, too, receive this same love and protection.  As I said in my first reason, God is always looking out for us and ready to help us in any way.  Just think about how awesome that it!!

+ He is Kind and Merciful

| via: 1 King 8:50, 2 Chronicles 12:6-7, 2 Chronicles 30:18-19 |

“The Good Lord pardon(s) each one who sets his heart to seek God.” – 2 Chronicles 30:18-19.  This one verse stuck out to me because it shows that no one is outside of God’s mercy.  NO ONE!!  As long as we are ready to turn back to God, with our whole hearts, we will never be refused.

Though the History people understood this very well, I think it is a much harder concept for modern Christianity and society in general.  I think many people push Christianity aside because they simply assume that it’s too late.  They have lost their opportunity.   But that could not be farther from the truth.  Christ is always ready to open His arms to His children!!!

+ A Spirit of community and fellowship with others, united in the fear of the Lord

| via: 1 Chronicles 14: 3, 8 |

The people of the Old Testament lived in constant community.  They relied on each other for support and accountability.  They lent help to those in need.  This is something very crucial that is absent in today’s culture.  We are loosing the community aspect of life.  Our cities are getting bigger and we simply don’t know our neighbors very well.  What a good example the Old Testament has given us!!


I hope you have enjoyed this list of lessons!!  Please consider picking through the Old Testament!  It is so inspiring, especially if you look at it in a unique light.

What are some of your favorite books of the Old Testament?


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