5 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

Happy Saturday, Ladies!!

Well, it’s officially February!  I feel like this last month totally flew by.  Like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year.  And what’s this about Lent starting in 11 days?  What?  That snuck up on me, for sure!!

Now the real question is “How have I grown in the last month with the help of my New Year’s resolutions/intentions”.  Whatever you intended to accomplish in this new year does not have to stop being an important goal after January.  These good intentions can easily carry us through the entire year, causing continual growth and development.  So don’t forget about what you want to accomplish this year.

With a new month also comes new trends and topics.  One thing that has peaked my interest in the past few days is the idea of “28 Days of Self-Improvement/Love”.  It has turned into a trending topic on social media and I can’t think of a better month to focus on such a rich topic.

February is saturated with this idealistic look into love.  In our social media world, this looks a lot like two dozen roses and a lot of cringe worthy couple pictures flooding your screens.  But what about those of us (hem hem) who are seriously single and still waiting on Christ’s plan for our lives?

Well, this is our month to dig a little deeper into ourselves and our relationship with God.  Just because you’re waiting doesn’t mean you can’t be busy.  Our single years are no waste of time and should be utilized as a time to grow and develop into the woman we know Christ is calling us to be.  After all, we have been called to nothing less.

This month, I want to challenge you to take up the following questions and really ponder them each day.  Grab a nice new journal and jot down your thoughts as you ponder.  Or just pray over them.  No sugar coating necessary.  Simply let Christ speak through your answers and go on from there.

Seeing that were talking about 28 Days of SelfImprovement, feel free to answer these questions from more than just a faith-based stance.  Think about how you can improve every area of your life, areas that you would like to see grow, and what type of steps you can take in the near future.

+ How am I supposed to live today?

What is my vocation for this very moment?  Not my religious vocation, but my ever-changing calling.  What am I called to do today to better the Kingdom?  Your answer could be rather simple today and life altering tomorrow.  It all depends on how willing and open you are to Christ’s daily call in your life.

+ How can I influence someone today?

We have the power to influence people by simply being present in their lives.  However, without an intention to be a light to those around us, it is hard to influence people in the ways that we wish.  Recently, I have realized the beautiful strength that comes with simply being joyful.  Aside from your own personal spirits being raised, our joy is contagious.  And where does joy come from?  Christ!  By spreading joy, we are spreading Christ.  And that’s just one way that we can intentionally influence others.  Each person’s situation is unique and we all have different opportunities to influence our brothers and sisters in Christ.

+ What is one thing I can do to improve myself today?

For this one, let’s look at it in two different ways; faith wise and self-development wise.  So, what is one thing that I can do to improve my relationship with God today?  There are literally a million answers to this question.  Read the bible for ten minutes, say a rosary or a decade, say a prayer of thanksgiving whenever you can, go to mass, etc.  There are so many possibilities.

Now for the self-improvement side.  What is one thing I can do today to develop as a person?  This could be picking up a self-help book, committing to a nice rigorous workout, not using the internet in an unnecessary way, affirming yourself, eating a healthy meal, or so many more.  You know your weaknesses in these areas and know what you could add or subtract to see a result.

+ What virtue is Christ calling me to live out today?

Living the virtues is so very important in our Christian lives.  It is how we aspire to holiness and actually achieve it.  But it takes work!  To all those people who think that Christianity is for the weak!!  However hard it may be, you know where you are most likely to fall, where you need to work on something.  Knowing where you are weak is a tool in working towards strength in that exact area.  So, take your weaknesses to prayer and ask for strength each day.  Beg our Lord to help you to achieve virtue in those areas that will bring you closest to Him.

+ What do I need to do today that I know I can go to bed proud of?

You know how somedays just seem better than others?  Like you crawl into bed and find yourself thinking, “Man, today was a good day”.  Those days, where you give it your all and don’t have ‘any regrets’ are the best!!  Now what makes one of those days for you?  Who are the people that surround you on one of those days?  What activities do you do and with what kind of energy?  Where is your mind subconsciously going to?  What is your prayer on one of those days?  If you want ‘one of those days’ to happen more often, try answering that first question honestly every day.

This is just a starter pack of questions.  But you get the idea.  Questions demand answers, and if you can ask the right questions you will be drawn to answer them with purpose and intention.  So take a breather and ask yourself the right questions!!!

Have a blessed day!!


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