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Good morning friends!!!

Recently, I realized a major content gap in this little blog.  I still can’t believe that I have never talked about Pro-life stuff on here!!  That’s terrible!!  However, I must admit, I am not very well informed in this area of the church.  So, I guess that could explain why I haven’t written anything about it yet.  But that’s about to change!!

I’m so glad that my sweet friend, Hanah, agreed to help me out.  She reached out about a collab a few weeks ago and agreed to answer all of my hard-pressed questions.  I have learned so many important truths through this interview and I’m so so excited to share her wisdom with you all!!  She is a beacon of light and such a beautiful soul!

So, after you learn all about her work and the pro-life movement, please go check her out on Instagram and give her some love!!  I know you won’t regret it!!  Enjoy!!IMG_6865


+ For those who do not know you, please introduce yourself.

My name is Hanah from the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. I dedicate my time to the pro-life movement. I am a sidewalk counselor for Pro-life Ministries of Duluth, an instructor at a women’s care center, and committee member for the women’s care center fundraising team. I live simply and love life. I love being able to share the Catholic faith and help pregnant women and their unborn children.


+ Where/when did your Catholic faith take root?

I was born and raised Catholic until I was about 10 or 11 years old. Around that time family situations arose and we stopped going to mass. Growing up and in my young adult years we explored many churches. Long story short my husband, kids, and myself are finally home and thank God every day for being members of this beautiful Catholic faith.

+ How did you first become involved with prolife ministry?

Before becoming actively involved roughly a year ago, I started by just learning. I would spend countless hours going to the library, listening to talks, going to pro-life prayer services, etc. I wanted to truly understand the topic of abortion in depth.


+ How has your catholic faith, and the doctrine of our Church, helped you in this beautiful ministry?

For those who do not know the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion, it is that abortion is a grave evil. If you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it talks about human life being respected and protected from the moment of conception. (I don’t have the Catechism in front of me for the exact quoted statement).  Not only does the church teach that abortion is wrong, but I also know in my heart through prayer and bible study that all life should be valued.


dakota-corbin-492737-unsplash+ Let’s talk a little bit about fear.  I feel that many people are simply afraid to speak up on issues like this.  How have you conquered fear as you do the right thing?

I truly believe that fear can be easily conquered when you have a deep-rooted relationship with Christ. Through Him all things are possible. I know that helping pregnant women and their unborn babies is my calling and I can’t imagine not doing it. For me personally, before I head out the door to sidewalk counsel I pray. When I get in front of the abortion clinic and speak with women considering abortion any fear I may have had is gone. I feel God’s presence and I feel an overwhelming sense of love for each of these women. I have been called every terrible name you can think of and have been belittled, threatened and made fun of by pro-choice people and the workers at abortion clinics countless times. When that happens, I feel unaffected because doing God’s will is the most important thing. My advice to people is to always remember we are in the world but not of the world.


+ How has this ministry helped your faith? What are some of the fruits you have witnessed through this outreach?

Doing this ministry has only deepened my faith. There are days we are out there counseling and there isn’t much positive response from women going in to receive an abortion. There are times we try and provide as much help as possible and they just don’t want to hear it. Of course, it can seem discouraging when that happens, but I always know that even just planting those little seeds can blossom into something wonderful. However, then there are times when women do respond well to what we are saying, go in to receive an abortion, but then soon return outside to tell us they are going to choose life for that baby. That feeling is something I cannot describe. It is an emotional and beautiful experience to see that change of heart.


+ What is one emotion you have witnessed in the women you encounter while sidewalk jordan-whitt-142396-unsplashcounseling?

 They are typically two emotions that I see from women that arrive to receive an abortion. The first emotion is a mixture of sadness and confusion. These women tend to look lost and unsure they even want to be there. Typically, those women are either younger or have probably (if I had to guess) been pressured into having that abortion. Then there are women that come skipping, laughing, and being excessively loud into the abortion clinic. I cannot speak for other people but from my experience I believe that most of those women that act that way do so to cover up their fear and sadness. The workers at the abortion clinic always have a very different emotion. They tend to be aggressive, loud, unkind, and the first ones to call us names. The sadness, fear and darkness that surrounds the abortion clinic on days when abortions are performed is overwhelming. That is why we are there, to serve as a light.


+ You also work as an instructor at a women’s care center. What kind of graces have you experienced in this ministry?

There are so many women that come through women’s care center that are so eager to learn more about their unborn child and to better themselves as they prepare for the birth of their child. Being hands on in helping these women with classes, free baby items, julie-johnson-514053-unsplash.jpgcounseling, and more all through a loving approach is what these women need. Seeing a woman feel loved and supported is such a joy.


+ What would you say to someone considering an abortion?

 I would first say, let me help provide you with the resources needed for you to learn more about abortion. Human life begins at conception. There is nothing more beautiful than the gift of life. Women are strong and courageous and capable of motherhood. Regardless of your situation, ending that unborn child’s life is never the answer. The answer is life and love. Not only will I help you find the appropriate resources, but I will be by your side through your journey.

+What would you say to someone currently dealing with the pain of abortion?joey-thompson-63368-unsplash

Society tells women that abortion will solve their problems, when in fact that just isn’t true. Abortion is an unnatural experience for a woman’s body and her maternal instincts. The after effects of abortion are often very difficult for women physically and emotionally, especially when facing it alone. That is where I would step in and say, “you are not alone.” There are countless organizations and care centers that are eager to help women dealing with the pains of abortion without judgement. I would be happy to provide those resources to anyone who needs them.

How would you encourage young Catholics to take part in the pro-life movement?

I can tell you first hand that we need more men and women of faith out there on the front lines defending the lives of these women and unborn babies. Not everyone is called to be a sidewalk counselor. However, there is always a need for prayers for the unborn.  Seek out your local women’s care center and volunteer, and spend time reading and researching abortion so that you can truly know why to protect life. If you want to liv-bruce-361672-unsplash.jpgbecome really active in the pro-life movement, talk to your priest about your desires, seek out pro-life groups in your community and attend their meetings, or even start your own pro-life group. There are many ways to get involved. I encourage everyone to pray about how they can be more actively involved. God will guide you.

What are some resources that you have found helpful/encouraging in this pro-life journey?

Some wonderful resources for learning more about the pro-life movement would be listening to talks by Lila Rose, founder of Live Action. I also enjoy watching videos and reading materials done by Jeff Durbin, Ben Shapiro, and Trent Horn. There are so many other wonderful people out there that I have met via social media that make a wonderful impact in the pro-life movement.  Human Life International, Human Life Alliance, Project Rachel, Rachel’s Vineyard, Pro-life Action Ministries, Live Action and countless more have wonderful resources as well to help pregnant women and their unborn babies.


Have a great day, all!!


We are Pro-Life


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