Starting Fresh Each Month

Good morning friends!!

Wow!!  I cannot believe that it is already May!!  This past month has been crazy and filled with so much excitement!  I’m so excited to introduce some new things around here soon and to see what God has in store for this little community in the next few months.

For today’s post, I’m so excited to share about one of my new favorite products/companies!!  I first heard of Silk + Sonder through Instagram.  Silk + Sonder is a beautiful new company that provides their customers with a new bullet-journal style calendar every month.  They focus on the importance of starting fresh often and encourage this form of planning to do just that!  Each month, they produce a fresh, new calendar that is literally jam packed with goodness and deliver it right to your door!


Seeing their beautiful designs and mission inspired me!  Spending the month of April with S+ S’s gorgeous April planner was further proof of how wonderful it truly is!

This planner was truly a lifesaver for me this month!  April can probably go down as one of my most planning-intense month, from a blog related sense.  It was kind of crazy!  This little giant, however, helped me to seamlessly (well, almost seamlessly) plan and stay on top of everything!  It’s compact size made it easy for me to tote around.  The intentional space for journaling made it easy for me to make lists and keep myself accountable.  And it simplified so many of my old planning habits by eliminating the need for more than one notebook or tool!  It is seriously a one-stop-planning-shop!!

One thing that I really love about these planners is that each one focuses on a different scent and a unique quality.  For example, the April calendar focused on lemon lavender tea and beauty.  The theme of beauty was seenHibit tracker through a handful of different thought-provoking exercises.  It was so cool to focus on beauty as everything around us blossomed into spring.  It truly helped me to get into the spirit of spring (and to hope for warmer weather when it wasn’t quite here yet!  LOL.)

While we’re talking about beauty, lets dive a bit deeper.  The human heart is instinctively drawn to beauty.  Whether this be the beauty of Christ, the beauty of others, or the beauty of created things, we are always drawn to that which is beautiful and whole.  So, I think it is super important to recognize the need for beautiful things in our lives.  When I think about planning or scheduling or sitting down with a calendar, I didn’t use to think about seeking beauty.  But why not?  This little gem makes seeking beauty in all things just a little bit easier!!

It also helps those of us who aren’t too artistic (e-hem, yeah me) to enjoy the beauty of a bullet journal style planner without having to fill it with all those curiously tricky doodles and calligraphy!  Yeah this one is a HUGE plus for your girl, because S+S has me covered!!

IMG_6029.JPGAnother very special feature is a small space for writing what you are grateful for each day’s spread!  I have used other gratitude journals before, but they were never within the actual calendar columns!  This made being grateful very accessible and easy!


Inside each month’s edition, there are so many beautiful resources to use and love.  The April edition included a future log, circular habit tracker, and so many other amazing little pages!  One thing that I found so helpful, though, were the beginning of month and end of month spreads!  These little handfuls of questions and thoughts really helped me to prepare and reflect on the month with intention!!

So, my friends, if you are interested in a dramatically new kind of calendar, one that will encourage you and keep you at your best, please go check out my sweet friends at Silk and Sonder!!  I know you won’t be disappointed!!  And go give them some love on Instagram @silkandsonder, as well!!

Have a great day!!


Starting Fresh.png


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