Raising Pro-life Kids

Good morning, friends!!!

I am so happy to bring you all another post from my sweet friend, Hanah, of @catholic_prolife.  Hanah is such a beautiful soul and so on fire for the glory of God and for His children.  She is a pro-life warrior and is so dedicated to spreading truth.

Seeing that I am not a mother, I am so happy that Hanah can share her wisdom on this beautiful Mother’s Day.  She speaks from such a place of love and care.  It inspires me so much to see that these kids will be the next generation!!  We have so many beautiful mamas to thank for the leaders of the next generation.  So thank you, mothers!!  We are so indebted to you.



Guest Post by Hanah (@catholic_prolife)

First and foremost, happy mother’s day to all the mothers and mothers-to-be out there. Motherhood is a true blessing from God. I am a sidewalk counselor for Pro Life Action Ministries, speaker, and instructor at a Women’s Care Center. I love mothers day because I get to reflect on how blessed I am to have my children. I also like to take time to reflect about how I have been parenting my children and think about the things that I can improve upon. Later in life, I want to know that I have done everything possible to instill in them our Catholic, pro-life beliefs. Life is beautiful and this mothers day my goal is to help moms raise their children to be pro-life. We can spend time with our children praying for the unborn, reflecting upon pro-life values, etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, those are all wonderful things.nathan-dumlao-508978-unsplash.jpg However, we must give our children the foundational knowledge necessary to maintain their pro-life convictions. They need to be taught the facts about preborn life and given real answers to pro-life arguments. If we don’t step up as mothers and teach our children that it is our duty to defend life and the reasoning and truths behind why we do it, they could one day be sucked into all the lies that our “pro-choice” culture feeds them. We are living in a culture that believes killing innocent unborn babies for convenience is acceptable. As our children grow, how can we let them step into the world and be prepared for such a battle? Simple answer, we must arm them with truth.

Great, so your children believe abortion is wrong. Do they know why abortion is wrong? Have you had in depth conversations with them, showed them abortion related news stories (from reliable news sources, of course), have you read them articles and shared some of your experiences as a pro-life advocate? If you haven’t, now is a great time to start! We must also pray together as a family. It is important for children to know that prayer has the power to transform hearts for Christ. Every night offer up a prayer for the women contemplating abortion, for women and men suffering from the loss of a child due to abortion, and for the workers in the abortion mills. Don’t ever forget to pray for the workers inside of the abortion mills. Gods mercy is always there for those who hannah-olinger-562171-unsplash.jpgturn away from sin and ask for forgiveness.

Once you have taught your children what it truly means to be pro-life and why abortion is so wrong, plan some activities. Plan a trip with your children to a March for Life or local march in your area. Seek out your local crisis pregnancy center and ask to volunteer or if you can help hold a fundraiser for them. Talk to your local sidewalk counseling organization and offer to join them for prayers. Ask your pastor or bishop if there is already a pro-life group in place in your diocese and ask to get involved. You can spend a day making gift bags for expectant mothers and fathers. The options are endless. As mothers we want to inspire our children to be leaders, to be humble, but to never be afraid to speak truth and defend life. Let us join together as mothers and help raise a generation of Life.

This mothers day if you are contemplating abortion, are suffering the loss of a child due to abortion, or are in need of help please email me directly at prolifepregnancyhelp@gmail.com.


Thank you again, Hanah, for your beautiful incite and wisdom!!  Please go check out her accounts and give her some love!!  Have a blessed day, my friends!!


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