9 Resources for Every Catholic Woman

Good morning, friends!!

The world of Christian media and production is bursting at the seams right now with shear goodness.  So many people are enthusiastically running after their dreams and doing everything in their power to make a lasting difference.  Person after person is stepping up to be the domino that starts a chain reaction.  And with social media being the gem that it can be, this reaction goes so much farther than just the edge of town.  This reaction goes to the corners of the earth!!

So, what am I talking about?  I’m talking about the kick-starters, the blog writers, the photo takers, and the networkers.  The speakers, the creators, the activists, and the prayer warriors.  These people are enforcing change by simply doing what the Spirit is calling them to do.  And these gifts that He has given them are working their grace, let me tell you!!

This “Domino Effect” has inspired me so much recently.  So, I thought I would share a little bit about some of my favorite change makers right now and the resources that they are so fearlessly putting out.  This faith thing is not a one-man battle, my friends, and we need brothers and sisters walking along side us and maybe holding us up at times!!


Every Sacred Sunday

Every Sacred Sunday is so SO beautiful, you guys!!  I started following these two ladies when they were still on Kickstarter and was just so inspired by their design and intentions with this product!!  As Hurricane Harvey battered their town, I remember watching in awe as they surrendered it all to God.  And this was in the last week of their Kickstarter!!  Now, they are well into the 10,000’s on Instagram and have brought this beautiful journal into the hands of so many beautiful people! These girls amaze me and are doing so much good!!

The Examen Journal

The Examen Journal made it’s way from the creative mind of one of my favorite people in California, all the way to my desk in Michigan!  Now, if that doesn’t show you the power of positive media, I don’t know what will!  Mary is such a beautiful soul and this journal has literally changed the way that I spend my evenings!  St. Ignatius’ Examen, the idea behind this workbook, asks you to ponder the ways that God has been present in the past 24 hours.  This practice is so powerful and truly shapes the way that we look at everyday circumstances!  Seriously one of my favorite resources!!


Another amazing resource that Mary has made is Ruah.  Ruah is a collection of guided prayer books that loosely follow the ideas of Lectio Divina.  Each book is based on a Psalm, so, for instance, the first one helped you pray through Psalm 139.  This resource is so beautiful, and I have absolutely loved praying with it!  Mary describes it as a mini retreat in your day and that is exactly what it is!

The Confessions Project

Oh my goodness!  I love what this girl is doing!  So. Much.  Transparency Blog is doing exactly what the name implies: being very transparent about all that Christianity is.  Hanah, and the other beautiful ladies that contribute, do not shy away from the raw or tricky areas of faith but are completely open about them!  After peaking around the blog for a while, I decided to sign up for The Confessions Project.  TCP is a weekly devotional newsletter that focuses on recognizing that love of God in our lives and renouncing shame.  I don’t want to short change all that it is, so go check it out for yourself!!  Such a beautiful way to start the week!!!  It has literally changed my Mondays!!

The Didache Bible

A lot of people have asked me what bible I use!  And I am very happy to share about this beautiful bible because I absolutely love it!!  I have been highlighting and notetaking and scribbling in the Didache Bible for just about a year now!  I found this bible on a retreat and just loved how nicely the pages were laid out and how large the margins were.  And to top all that off, the footnotes and study sections are amazing!!  Definitely my favorite bible of all time!!!

Ezer Magazine

I’m kind of obsessed with watching products/companies launch, so I was super excited to watch Ezer open their doors this month!  Ezer Magazine is an online magazine for the Christian soul!  Their mission is so beautiful, and they have already done so many wonderful things in their first month of activity!  I have absolutely fallen in love with their devotions and articles!  So, go check them out!  This past week, they did a devotion series on overcoming comparison and it was A-mazing!!!

Radiant Magazine

I was first introduced to Radiant Magazine by a friend who gifted it to me a few years ago!  And, let me tell you, this magazine is gorgeous!  The articles within are so artfully curated and everything just sparkles.  With each quarter’s issue, their beautiful team picks a new theme.  For instance, this quarter’s theme is love.  So, Radiant Love!!  Isn’t that beautiful!  Based on the Bible verse that says, “Those who look to Him are radiant”, I think this Magazine is a beautiful gift for any young woman!

Pink Salt Riot Branded Beauty

I wanted to throw in a new course that is hot off the press.  Jill of Pink Salt Riot (another amazing Catholic business filled with beautiful resources) just launched her Branded Beauty course!  Her intent with this course is to teach Catholic influencers how to brand themselves effectively for the New Evangelization!  Isn’t that just the most awesome idea!  I love what Jill is doing and look forward to taking this course soon!!  So, if you’re looking for some more inspiration in running your business or outreach, check out this new course!!!

Blessed Is She

Any area that the above didn’t fill will undoubtably be filled by the beautiful Blessed Is She community!  The team at BIS is literally killing it in all things Catholic woman!  They have studies, journals, a journaling Bible, devotionals, prints, apparel, and more!  There are so many good things coming out of this community and I can’t praise them enough!!

Okay, I think I used every superlative in my vocabulary today!!  I truly hope you will check out these amazing companies, ladies, and resources!!  They are doing so much good!!!


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2 thoughts on “9 Resources for Every Catholic Woman

  1. Hi Maddy!

    This is Olivia from “Catholic Girl Talk.” I love this post (and ALL of your posts)- you amaze and inspire me!! I am taking Branded Beauty and love it!!! If you aren’t already using one, I can send you my affiliate link for the class (but I won’t be offended if you don’t use it😂)

    Keep up the good work sister!! Olivia

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