Faith Takes No Vacation

Good morning, my friends,

For the past week and a half, my family and I have been going going going.  We traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and then back down to the LP for more vacation time.  We’ve also been staying with other people, which adds a whole new layer to the whole away from home experience.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love hanging out with family and friends and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to get out of the house this summer.  BUT… a change of routine is bound to mess with your faith life at least a bit.  And that has certainly been a struggle for me the past few weeks.

I thrive on routine.  I like things to be the same.  Yeah, it sounds boring, but that’s when I feel my best and get the most done.

But I also feel love changing things up a bit sometimes.  Giving myself some room to be creative and to challenge myself.  Change has the power to inspire us and give us new ideas, so I’m all for that!!  But its also important to keep our faith strong in the meantime!!

So, in order to help you all rock this summer (and also to help myself out a bit, too), here are just a few ways I’m working to fix my “faith vacation”.

Just a little note: Your prayer/faith routine may end up looking completely different than it “should”.  But that’s okay.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Work with what you have, and you might end up seeing Him in even more ways than usual.  So, if anything, work away from your usual routine and seek something completely new!!  Just a thought!

+ Sign up for a daily devotional

This is a perfect example of working with what you have.  I find it really hard to meditate when I’m on the road.  But I absolutely love doing guided devotions and meditations.  Having something concrete to follow is so helpful when you’re out of your element.  AND the best part of devos are that you can do them from where ever!  Whether you’re in the car, on a dock somewhere, or in a church, they can lead you all the same!!  Just a few of my favorite daily/weekly devotionals are…

#theconfessionsproject which comes out every Monday

The Blessed Is She Daily Devo

Ezer Magazine Daily Devo


+ Read a faith-based book

Mix a few faith-based books into your reading list this summer and you will naturally have little inspirations sewn into your day!!  Whether you’re a deep thinker, or a lighter reader, I’m sure you will be able to find something just for you!!  As someone who loves memoirs and biographies, I am so excited to dig into Jenniffer fulwiler’s memoir, Something Other Than God soon!!  If you’re looking for a good faith read, here are a few that have peaked my interest recently.

Love Does by Bob Goff | Cultivate by Lara Casey | On the Other Side of Fear by Hallie Lord

+ Look for Christ in the little things

Again, don’t beat yourself up if your pray looks a little different than usual!!  It’s okay!  Maybe you can seek Christ today in a short prayer as you wake up.  Or maybe it’s a prayer of thanksgiving as you watch the passing scenery.  Look for Him in the little things!  I tell you what, this weekend, I saw Christ in the people around me and the beauty in from of me more than anything else!  And these are the things that I would usually take for granted.  Make a point to not take the little things for granted and, pretty soon, you will be feeling His presence all around you!!

+ Unplug

Part of the reason I was able to recognize these beautiful things around me this weekend was because I wasn’t on my phone as much as usual!  Yes, I was posting beautiful insta stories pretty often, but other than that, I was with the people I love and care about!  When you are surrounded with beautiful people and things, its hard not to unplug.  It helps us to realize Christ’s all surrounding presence and it is really a beautiful thing!!

+ Take a walk

Just take a walk.  I feel like that might come across pretty harsh, but it’s so important!!  Just like unplugging causes us to recognize the beauty around us better, getting out in nature does just the same thing.  Leave your phone at home and get out there for a bit.  Seriously, I’ve heard of priests that give “a good long walk” as penance, so its got to be good for the soul!!  It might take getting up a bit earlier (huh hum… dramatic note to self), but it will be worth it!!!

I hope these little pointers helped you as much as they are helping me!!  Have a beautiful Saturday!!


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