Starling Box Unboxing!!!

Good morning, friends!!

I was in ninth grade when I first heard of human trafficking.  I was at a Life Teen night and they had brought in a guest speaker.  I wish I could remember the name of the organization she was with, but I can’t.  All I know is that my little 15 year old mind couldn’t get around that idea that this was happening right under my nose, in cities I visit.

There are between 20 and 30 million slaved in the world today.

Listening to that talk struck me.  I couldn’t brush it off as something that only happens in Africa, or as something I’d never have to deal with.  I though slavery was “illegal”.  And it certainly is.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  I made me so sad to think that so many people were in so much pain.  So stuck.

Human trafficking is a sad reality that we have to face, often in our own cities.  But there are so many wonderful companies and organizations that are doing something to help.  Today, I would like to highlight just one of these amazing companies.



I first heard of Starling Box via Instagram a few months ago.  They had yet to officially launch their subscription service, but I already knew that they were going to start something beautiful!  So, I ordered a box!  And they didn’t disappoint.

Through their quarterly lifestyle boxes, Starling is able to help human trafficking survivors and at risk individuals in so many ways.  All of the products featured in their boxes are from companies that employ these individuals.  Through meaningful jobs and vocational training, these men and women are working to break free from human trafficking, a 30+ billion dollar industry.  That is quite a feat!

These products are beautiful, my friends.  It is so amazing to hold a product in your hands and just imagine the people who are behind it and how it helped them in some way.  From bags, to skin care, to jewelry, to COFFEE, everything is ethically made and seriously so beautiful.  You guys better not be surprised when these beauties start showing up on my Insta constantly!!


Now, before I get ahead of myself, lets do a little rundown of what was included in my summer box…

Choker from Purpose Jewelry

Basic Skincare Kit from Apple Rose Beauty

Bag from She Rescue Home

Coffee from Rethreaded 

Multi-purpose bag from JOYN Bags

Calming Oil from Thistle Farms

Tea Towel from Sewing New Futures

Bracelet from The Red Thread Movement

You see what I mean??  Seriously so many good things!!!  Let’s just say I’m obsessed!!

Probably my favorite part of this beautiful box was this…


We have the power to make a difference through the things that we purchase.  We can make a difference in someone’s life, simply by supporting meaningful brands!!  This little tag on my new necklace is proof of that!!

I am so inspired by all that Starling Box is doing to help at risk individuals and it just makes my day to know that brands like this exist!!!  So go check out their website,, and give them some love on Instagram, @starlingbox.

You all have a beautiful day!!


Starling Box Unboxing!!!.png



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