September Favorites!

Good morning, friends!!!  Happy Sunday!

This month has been a complete whirlwind.  I’m honestly kind of in shock that September is over.  So much has happened and I just feel so blessed.  School started, I turned 19, got back into the swing of things with work, hung out with some amazing people, and met so many more!  And I fell in love with a lot of little beauties.  So, why not share?  Exactly!  So, here are a handful of my favorite things this month!


I had never really thought about getting laptop stickers until I started college.  It’s so cool to look around the library and see little bits of people’s personalities pasted on their laptops.  So, naturally, I had to order some!  I headed over to Redbubble and think I did pretty good!!  I’m kinda obsessed, you guys!

Totus Tuus Sticker

Lavender Sticker

Floral Coffee Sticker (don’t judge me)

Peach Tea

Okay this is a full on routine by now.  I have always loved drinking tea before bed, but had never found the perfect tea.  Until now, that is.  And that tea is… Country Peach Passion by Celestial.  It’s sweet and soothing and doesn’t need to be sugared up at all.  AND it somehow feels like a fall-time drink, which makes absolutely no sense.  Just bought two new boxes, so I think its gonna stick around for a while.


Rachael’s Good Eat’s Peanut Butter Cups

And these are my new favorite guilty pleasure.  They’re basically the chocolate peanut butter cup that is a little healthier.  And homemade.  They’re super easy to make and I just love that I can whip them together and have a semi healthy snack to feast on.  So good!!


I’ve talked about this little gem a few times on my insta stories, but not on the blog.  I’m currently reading this book for a lecture class and I really love it.  It’s all about how our subconscious mind controls a lot of what we do/say/think.  There have been so many instances where I’ve almost dropped the book because something makes so much stinkin sense.  And while almost no one in my class agrees with my enjoyment of this book, I think its pretty interesting.


Deeply Curious Podcast

Okay.  I just found this podcast through another podcast (which I love equally as much, the Creative Exchange) and I think I have a new favorite listen.  This husband and wife couple basically just talk about what they’ve been thinking about.  They are very Christian minded, which is lacking in the secular podcast world, and give a unique take on mainstream topics.  The fact that I just listened to one titled “Thinking Deep about Kanye Tweets” and loved it is proof that they’re doing something right.  It was really thought provoking, to say the least.

I hope you guys have a beautiful Sunday!!


September favorites!.png



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