Evangelizing Without Saying a Word

As someone who’s never been too keen on offending people, I’m not a huge fan of evangelization.  I’ve talked about this before, but I still think it is super important to talk about.  So, Imma talk about it again.

However, instead of focusing on what we can say to show people the love of Christ, why don’t we focus on what we don’t say!

As in, maybe we don’t have to say anything.  And maybe this not saying anything could lead to some amazing Christian connections in a pretty secular society.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?  Okay, then let’s break this down.

As I’ve talked about before, it is so easy to judge people, to get a feel for whether or not we like them, within only a few seconds.  I think the scientific number is like 6 seconds.  6 seconds, you guys.  That’s nothing.  We can get that kind of read on someone by simply walking past them.  Think about that.  We don’t even have to talk to people to have a serious opinion of them.

While I’d love to think that we can approach different people without bias, that’s just not how we’re wired as humans.  Yes, that’s kind of sad, but we can also use it to our advantage.  Maybe we can use this unconscious bias as a means to create authentic community among people we might have never thought to approach.

Think about this question for a second:  What attracts you to people?  What kinds of people stick out to you in a crowd?  What do you see as characteristics/qualities that speak for themselves, that can be seen even without words being spoken?

For me, I’m drawn towards people who smile genuinely, are joyful, carry themselves confidently, and (on a more frivolous note) dress well/modestly.  I people watch, yes, but in doing so I’m able to pick up on other good qualities.  Are they present, into whatever they’re doing, engaging?  Do they treat others well?

And you know what else my little catholic homeschooled brain looks for?

Crucifixes.  Miraculous medals.  Scapulars.  (Scapulars are bonus points)


And, you know what.  Seeing a crucifix on a public campus is what I liken to a home run.  It’s a-mazing!!!

My point, however, is that like-minded people are out there.  Something like 20% of the students that go to my university are Christian.  But, if you ask me, searching through 20,000, looking for the 20%, is really daunting without some kind of indicator.

And this, my friends, is why I’m a huge fan of Catholic/Christian clothing and jewelry.

I know for a fact that I automatically want to talk to anyone who is wearing a gangster JPII shirt or has a crucifix on.  And I’m an introvert.  I mean, come on. cfbfe4d5-eda1-434f-8d50-4d2f0cc6ff97.jpg

That connection, or want for connection over a pretty incredible guy, wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the public display of faith on a t-shirt or the like.

And this is why I was so excited to find His Glory Co.  His Glory is a, amazing Catholic company that focuses on just this kind of evangelization.  Part of their mission is centered on our ability to evangelize without words.  And, as a college student on a public campus, that idea resonates with me on so many different levels!

Over the last couple months, I have loved running into people with crucifixes or Christian shirts/laptop stickers.  It’s so encouraging to see that bit of connection without even saying anything.

I especially love this beautiful AMDG design.  I’d like to consider it the scapular of Catholic apparel.  If you know what AMDG means, you are amazing, and I definitely want to be your friend!

So.  If you guys want to check out more of His Glory Co.’s beautiful products, click here.  You can also get 15% off on your entire order by using the discount code, NOGREATER, at checkout!!  So many good things to check out!  I’m amazing to see the good things that they are doing!

Have a beautiful Saturday!!


His Glory Co..png


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