How to Make Prayer Happen

“Prayer is the best weapon we possess.  It is the key that opens the heart of God.”

Padre Pio

In my eyes, prayer is kind of like eating veggies.  We all know it’s good for us, but we don’t always want to put in the effort to do it.  But we also know that it will be so worth it every single time.

For years, prayer has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.  It sets my day on the right track, encourages me in whatever might be going on, and reminds me of the wonderful love of God.  Without that daily reminder and encouragement, it is so easy to forget and become overwhelmed.

I was first introduced to the idea of daily prayer through a class led by a LifeTeen leader.  He would talk about meditation and different ways of praying.  This new form of prayer seemed like such a beautiful way to connect with God and immediately drew me in.

However, as life has gotten busier, I have often found it difficult to sit down and pray without a bit of a plan, a structure.  On those early mornings when I only have a few minutes, it is often hard to meditate on a tricky passage of scripture.  So, I thought I’d share some of the ways that I have made prayer more accessibly in my life, even when its crazy!


+ Don’t put it off until later:

I’m speaking from experience, friends.  I have had so many days when I just want that extra few minutes of sleep so. bad.  I promise myself I’ll pray later, after class, after work.  Buttttt.  It usually doesn’t happen.  So, don’t put it off!

Plus, what better way could we start out day?  It’s like you’ve already had the highlight of your day before you even left your room.  Those graces translate to every area of your life and follow you wherever you go.

+ Use good resources

Recently, I have come across so many amazing prayer resources.  There are so many amazing devotionals and study helps out there at our disposal.  Especially when I only have a few minutes, or if I’m distracted, I find that using a devotional as a guide is extremely helpful.  While I feel like my list of favorite devotionals is constantly shifting, here are a few of my current favorites.  Definitely check them out!!

Abide: A Study on the Book of John

Everlasting Love: A study on the Book of Isaiah

Amen: The Story of Scripture from Eden to Eternity

Every Day in His Presence 365 Devotions

Ruah: Ecclesiastes Three: One to Fifteen

Seriously some of my most favorite ways to pray in the morning!! I think I’ll do a Devo hall sometime soon, so stay tuned!

+ Have a prayer spot

Okay, this one may seem silly, but it is so very important.  In fact, I have only gotten this idea from dozens of beautiful ladies plugging it in the past!  But let’s be real.  Having a specific, beautiful, comfortable place to pray is so special.  A prayer chair, table, corner, you name it.  For me, I love to sit in a comfy chair under the window in my room.  It’s right next to my nightstand, so I can set books on that as well.  It’s my “happy place” and I wouldn’t want to pray any where else in the house!

+ Be intentional and decide what really matters

What really matters in your day?  What really makes you happy and fulfills you?  Yes, YouTube binges may make us happy in the moment.  But they’ll likely leave us wishing we hadn’t watched all those videos later on (again, I’m speaking from experience).

In the same time it takes to zone out and watch a 15-20-minute video, we can also have a deep, intentional conversation with the God of the Universe.  Think about that!  Our time can be used for so much good, if we are just intentional with our free time.

+ Every little bit counts

Last, but certainly not least, it’s so important to realize that God is outside of time.  He understands that we are busy.  But He also wants to talk to us, to connect with us on that deeper level.  It’s only through prayer, no matter how small, that we can connect in this way.

We don’t have to spend an hour in a chapel to talk to God.  Rather, we can feel God’s presence even in a few minutes.  Between classes.  Through a smile.  Through a few words of praise.  On some days, I feel God’s presence most in the simplest things.


The point is that He wants to talk to us, wants to make His presence known to us.  He loves us.  No matter how busy we may be, we can always spare a few minutes!  So make it happen!!!

Have a beautiful day!


How to Make prayer happen

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