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My name is Maddy Barr and I am the brains behind this blog.  Just a little bit about myself…  I am a High School senior from the Midwest.  We all hear the call to something more and my call was to ministry through media and writing.  I believe that the youth of this current age will definitely shape the people of the next, so we all have a part to play.  No Greater Love is my part!!

The Call

Pope Emeritus Benedict called for “an engaged, articulate, and well-formed Catholic laity”.  His dream was for a people that were so unashamed of their identity in Christ that they would risk it all.  He wished for a people who had the ‘courage to counter a reductive secularism’ with hope for greater Christian values among people.

We, as Christians, and especially as lay people, are under constant pressure to remain quiet.  We are told that politics and religion are never to be talked about, that there is no absolute truth after all, and that we should just respect the way that other people decide to live their lives.  We may feel tempted to just keep our mouths shut, but what good would that do?

All of the recent popes, JPII, Benedict, and Francis, have called us to a radical reform of what we might have once thought a basis for Catholicism.  They have called us to not just be Christians in the home but to also hold our identities before the rest of the world.  They have called us to be active parts of the new evangelization, to forever hold to our values, and to pray without ceasing.

This is our call as Catholic youth.


Our Mission

“To encourage ladies to dive deeper into their faith, foster Christ-centered relationships, recognize their femininity and worth as daughters of God, and spread the faith as active parts of the New Evangelization.”

Please feel free to come along on this journey!!!

I post every Saturday morning!!

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