Tips and Tricks for Surviving Long Car Rides

Happy Saturday, friends!!

So, does anyone else secretly love long car rides??  Okay, disclaimer: I have a love-hate relationship with them.  The introvert in me loves the ability to read and listen to podcasts for hours on end and watch any passing scenery.  BUT… that same introvert isn’t too keen on being crammed into a car with 6 other people for an extended period of time!  You feel me??

Now that THAT is out of the way… I am one to believe that a good car ride is just a few steps away!  And as I get ready to leave on just that kind of trip in a few days (when this goes live, I will be 8+ hours north), I thought it would be helpful to share a few things that I’m doing to prepare.



+ Check out books/ kindle

Obvi, but so important, my friends!!  While Kindle is definitely the most space friendly option for any trip, library books are definitely the most cost-effective.  And as a pretty slow reader, I’m sure I won’t run out of things to read!  So, I stocked up recently!!  Even in a small library like mine, I was able to find so many wonderful books!!  For this trip, I’m going to be bringing…

The Sweet Life by Dulce Candy Ruiz

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

How to Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price

+ Downloading podcasts

Podcasts are my not-so-secret weapon, you guys!!  Again, obvious, but it still takes some planning ahead.  As someone who tries not to drain too much data on the road, I’ve been looking up and downloading podcasts for a while.  That way you have hours of listening and learning at your disposal!!  Also, DON’T forget EARBUDS!!  Here’s a few podcast shows I’ve been loving recently…

Business Boutique Podcast w/ Christy Wright

The Creative Exchange w/ Sara Dietschy

The Dais Podcast w/ Rachel Hollis

Building a Story Brand w/ Donald Miller

+ Have a notebook handy

I am almost guaranteed to get a good idea when I don’t have any paper around.  It’s just going to happen!  And I know you can write notes on any phone, but it’s just so much better to be able to jot stuff down with pen and paper.  Whether it’s a good old notebook, or your planner, always have some paper handy!

+ Pack a light purse and a heavy suitcase

Okay, let’s break this one down a bit!  Where I sit in the car, my purse is usually sandwiched between me and my 10-year-old brother.  So, I have to keep it small.  My purse then holds just what I need at the moment and nothing more; current read, phone, earbuds, snack, small notebook or planner, and other purse essentials.  ALL extra books and large planners and such have to hang out in my suitcase.  And believe me, it’s so much easier to deal with a little than a lot when its sitting right next to you!!

+ Pray a little extra hard for patience:)

In all seriousness, though, faith does not take a vacation when we do.  We’re still going to deal with the same temptations and struggles, so prayer is very important!!  Even if its just for a few minutes, pray about whatever is on your mind.  And if you need a little extra patience, St. Monica is your girl!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post and having a beautiful summer!


Car Rides Cover.png



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