9 Apps Every Catholic Woman Should Download

Hi Ladies!!

So today, I thought I would talk a little about the beauty of the Catholic App-osphere. We have truly been blessed with many wonderful apps to aid us in our faith.  AND there are also many apps that are made specifically for women of faith.  I have used a good amount of these faithful apps over the years and they are wonderful for all different aspects of the faith.  They keep us accountable, help us to learn, and create connections between us and other Catholic women.  So, without further ado, here’s the Catholic must have list of apps.

+ Laudate

Laudate, a faith and liturgy app, is one of the first apps that I downloaded onto my phone.  I LOVE it and use it whenever I need to look up the readings of the day on the go.  It is also equip with the saints of the day, with small bios of each, and many other guided sections.  One of my other favorite sections is one that has meditations on the daily gospel.  These are wonderful to think about and pray over!  I would definitely count this all-in-all app as a staple for Catholics.

+ The Pope App

The Pope App is a wonderful place to keep you up to date on the recent happenings of the Vatican.  This app gives news reports of all of Pope Francis’s major statements and also includes videos of some of his talks.  If you don’t already follow him on Twitter, his tweets have their own section on this masterfully designed app.  So, whether it’s a full-out report or a 140 character quote, I think this app is a wonderful source for all things Pope Francis.

+ 40 Day Spiritual Workout

So if anyone has been to the main campus Steubenville Conference, there is a pretty good chance you know who Bob Rice is.  Well, when I went to Steubie in 2014, I met him and picked up his book, 40 Day Spiritual Workout, on the request of a friend (thanks Audrey!!).  Anyway, it was such a good devotional and it really set me up for reading the bible and praying more often!  I absolutely loved it and when I saw that it was an app, I couldn’t be more happy.  So go check it out!!

+ 3 – Minute Retreat

The 3 – Minute Retreat is an app put out by Loyola Press, which is an automatic plus.  This app is a wonderful way to reconnect with God every day in a peaceful setting.  These daily meditations are right at your fingertips in this app and can be experienced at your own pace.  If all you need is 3 minutes, go for it.  If its more of an 8 minute day, they’ve got you covered.

+ USA Catholic Church

This is another news based app.  This one, however, connects you to the recent happenings of the smaller divisions as well.  They cover parishes, archdioceses, and the Vatican.  They also do live streams of the Pope’s talks, so that is a total plus!!  This is such a wonderful option for Catholic news and I highly recommend it.

+ Fulton Sheen Audio Library

FULTON SHEEN!!!  Honestly, I love this guy!!  His amazing use of media even in the early days is remarkable and so inspiring!!  I can almost guarantee that any quote that you dig up or broadcast you watch will be wonderful if he is included.  So, this app is the complete (ish) collection of Archbishop Sheen’s talks and addresses.  I personally love his addresses to women!!  So beautiful!


The EWTN app is basically the culmination of all things Mother Angelica.  Live streams of her beautiful radio network are housed here, along with videos and the EWTN broadcast schedule.  There is a full bible at your disposal and more news helps.  Such a wonderful app from such a wonderful organization!!

+ Audible

You might be surprised to see this app on here, but I absolutely think it is a must for all busy Catholic women.  I downloaded a bunch of inspiring Catholic books by amazing Catholic authors recently.  What’s wonderful about Audible is that you can listen to a great book while working on something else, like cleaning or organizing.  So, whenever I need to do the dishes or organize my room, I go to Audible to find something pleasant to listen to!!  It’s full proof, you guys!!!

+ She Reads Truth

I was introduced to She Reads Truth by the beautiful Grace Hincapie of Miss-Graciela Blog.  She Reads Truth is an engaging online community of women who read the Bible together everyday.  Hundreds of thousands of women connect through their app, website, and hashtag.  It is beautiful that such a community can be formed around the Bible and an app!!  The Catholic Church is so powerful!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post!!  I have some exciting things coming in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for more content!!  Have a blessed Saturday!


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