How Music Ministry Has Dramatically Shaped My Faith

Happy Saturday, Sisters!!!

So this September marks the start of my fourth year working in music ministry.  It seriously amazes me sometimes that I’ve even made it this far, but it’s been such a blessing.  There is not a day when I don’t reap its rewards or think of how much this ministry has helped me grow as an individual and person of faith.

I started being a part of my churches youth choir in 7th grade.  However, half way through my 8th grade year, our director moved across the country for a new job:(  It was really sad for all of the choir girls to know that there might not be choir again in the fall.  But God has a sense of humor.

2017-08-24 19.16.11

I was ‘drafted’ to direct our churches youth choir when I started my freshman year of high school.  And the thought of playing piano in front of a whole church of spectators terrified me to the ends of the earth.  I told myself it would be good, but I know, deep down, that the idea freaked me out.

I feel like if I had waited until I felt ‘ready’, though, I would have never mustered up the courage to give it a chance.  God is not calling us to be ready; he is calling us to be willing.  And I wasn’t ready to face my fears without fear yet.  That would take a while.  But I was ready to try my best and get ‘er done.

The point is that we will constantly be called to do big scary things that are completely outside of our comfort zones.  Every. Single. Day.  Life is a crazy ride of twists and turns and every day holds its own adventure.  We, as Christians, are called to have a little bit of unruliness in our trust of God.  Because He has some crazy amazing plans in store for us, if we only allow him to take us along for the ride.

2017-08-24 19.20.13.jpg

While my ‘crazy thing’ has been music ministry, there are thousands of experiences that God could be calling you to partake in.  I  can almost guarantee that God is waiting for you to give Him a YES, right now!!

Today, my challenge for you is this:  Ask God to give you insight into anything that scares you.  Make a list of challenging aspects of your life and think of ways that a deeper relationship with God could help you face them.  And try to think of one really big opportunity that you have been hiding from.  That one could be a new job, a position at your church, an act of service, or so many more.  Similar to my experience with music ministry, this one big thing could be holding you back from a multitude of blessings and graces.

2017-08-24 20.18.19.jpg

Now, on more of a practical note, here are reasons for my love of music ministry.

Music ministry…

 Makes you an active part of the mass

Just as altar servers and sacristans are active parts of the mass, those who sing and/or play in the choir are actively participating in the Eucharist as well.  Before all of our choir masses, I always lead a little prayer.  And ever time, I thank God for our priests and pray that we can bring more glory to God through our voices.  It is our job, as choir participants, to help the people glorify God.  And that is a really beautiful thing to be a part of.

 Helps you to glorify God in a very concrete way

You all are probably sick of seeing St. Augustine quotes by now, but St. Augustine coined the golden phrase that is every choir director’s favorite:  He who sings prays twice.  I swear, if I say this one more time, the choir girls will petition against me!!  LOL.  It is so true though.  Singing demands your entire attention.  It places beautiful words in front of you on a minutely basis and calls you to think about their meaning.  I can’t even count how many times a song’s lyrics have hit me right between the eyes during mass.

 Makes you a leader for the people

I believe that a good choir has the power to totally transform a mass.  Just as a priest’s dynamic homily can move a congregation to love, service, tears, or repentance, the music that is presented, along with the readings and the priest’s actions, has the power to bring the people out of themselves and just a little closer to heaven.  Music has the ability to bring people to higher things!!  I just think that is so wonderful!!

 Helps you to step out of your comfort zone

As I mentioned before, leading a choir use to scare me. A lot!!  And sometimes it still does.  But the devil loves to keep us inside of our comfort zones.  He loves to make us think that someone else can do it or that we would never be good enough.  He wants us to be comfortable. But, like Pope Benedict said, we are not made for comfort.  We are made for greatness. So challenge yourself to that statement!!

 Teaches you a whole lot of humility.  ha

It really is true though.  I have messed up so many times during choir.  I’ve totally fumbled while playing piano.  I’ve messed up on announcements.  I’ve tried explaining things to my girls and ended up sounding like a clown.  But, you know, you get a whole lot of humility from experiences like that.  AND you get to laugh about it in the end.  The inside jokes are unending and so worth it!!

 Helps you grow a community centered on faith

This one has been hinted all through this post but it is so very important.  This is the same reason why I started a blog and am growing a community on Instagram.  The more ways that us ladies can connect as Catholic women, the better.  My choir girls and I are so close.  We come together on Sundays and grow in our faith together.  But we are also close as friends and members of the greater church at large.  Relationships that are centered on faith and friendship are so wonderful!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!  If you get a chance to be part of a choir, I would highly recommend it!!!  And never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to do something beautiful for God!!!



2 thoughts on “How Music Ministry Has Dramatically Shaped My Faith

  1. Awesome Maddy!

    My favorite hobby is singing!

    P.S. You look amazing stunning in your pictures.

    God bless, Julia R.


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