Saturday Morning Sit Down 8/19/17

Good morning, Ladies,

For today’s Sit Down, I’m going to be a little more vulnerable.

Because, sometimes, life is not all about the roses.

Recently, we received some not-so-pleasant news about a family member’s health.  It is always sad to hear about unexpected illnesses and the like, but there is also hope of better things.  Even so, there is also that stubborn human tendency we all have to wallow in sadness.

A couple of days ago, I posted an Instagram quote and talked a little bit about the hard stuff in life.  And I was so encouraged to see tons of ladies reply with encouragement and kind words.  That is, first of all, a reminder of the beautiful community that we are surrounded with as Catholic women.  We will always have our sisters to cheer us on, no matter what life throws at us.

St. Faustina.png

However, it is also a reminder of the fact that people are constantly suffering in this world.  As fallen creatures, suffering is just part of the picture.  Every person you encounter is dealing with their own little struggle.  And, for most of these people, we will never even know that they are hurting.

There is beauty in the struggle, though.  Christ has called us to suffer during this life here on earth, so that we might obtain the joy of heaven to its fullest.  I imagine, that if we hadn’t experience the sufferings of earth, heaven would be more like icing than a giant reward cake.

The beautiful truth, in the end, is that we have Christ to walk us through all of life’s sufferings.  He is there to make our burden light, even if we are hardly carrying it.  And he has been through it too.  He is not just a distant God who can’t sympathize with our hardship.  He personally felt the exact same hardships.

Anyway, I just want to encourage you all in this journey of life. We are not in this fight alone, sisters.


“Do not give in to sadness, or torment yourself deliberately.  Gladness of heart is the very life of a person, and cheerfulness prolongs his days.  Distract yourself and renew your courage, drive resentment far away from you; for grief has killed many, and nothing is to be gained from resentment.”  – Sirach 30:21-23

I swear that our bibles can speak directly to our hearts and have minds of their own.

I found these verses rather providentially the other day.  I think it is so encouraging to hear so many things said about gladness of heart.  We are called to be joyful people, because our identity is found in Christ and not in this world.

Sirach is another one of those books of the bible where you can find so many hidden gems of wisdom.  Please think over these verses and take the time to find joy in the Lord, who is simply waiting for your permission.

Pope St. John Paul II Insta 2.png

Songs I’ve been loving recently:

“Thy will” | Hillary Scott

“I’m so confused, I know I heard you loud and clear, So, I followed through, Somehow I ended up here, I don’t wanna think, I may never understand, That my broken heart is a part of your plan, When I try to pray, All I got is hurt and these four words, Thy will be done”

Sometimes, these words will be our heart’s anthem.  There will be those days.  And that is okay.  It’s okay to be confused and annoyed because sometimes that is what it takes for God to truly reach us.

Sparrows | Jason Gray

“You can’t add a single day by worrying, You’ll worry your life away, Oh, don’t worry your life away. You can’t change a single thing by freaking out, It’s just going to close you in, Oh, don’t let the trouble win.  If He can hold the world, He can hold this moment. Not a field or flower escapes His notice.  Oh, even the sparrow knows, He holds tomorrow”

One of my favorite passages of the gospels for who knows how long has been the sparrows passage in Matthew 10.  Worrying will not add a moment to our fragile lives. As women, we are naturally inclined to worry.  A LOT.  But when the God of the Universe is watching our every move, we don’t have to worry very much.  He has our backs!!  He’s watching us all, even down to the tiny sparrows.


Caffeinated Conversations with Fr. Mike Schmitz | Ascension Presents

Okay, guys, now for some fun stuff.  I love Fr. Mike.  And in this little video, Fr. Mike sits down with Maria Mitchell and talks about his coffee preferences, his almost career as an actor, and so much more.  It is so much fun to hear about Fr. Mike.  Go check it out!!!

Ache of Singlehood | JackieFrancois

Note: This video is 7 years old.  I first watched this video by the now popular Catholic youth speaker, Jackie Francois-Angel, shortly after finding out she had been married.  It was so cool watching a young single lady talking about the struggles of the single life as I admired her current life as a wife and mother.  Again, with the struggles, they are not permanent!!  And even while they are prevalent, they are filled with merit and value.


Lay Siege to Heaven:


My spiritual director has recommended this book to me on numerous occasions.  Put simply, it is the story of St. Catherine of Siena.  And talk about someone who lived through adversity.  She had to fight for what she knew was right for herself and others for basically her entire life.  She was constantly being tried and tested.  And as women in a progressing society, we have so much to learn from her beautiful soul.  I know you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have!!

Gifted Hands:

Gifted Hands

I read this book a couple of months ago, and it still holds its spot as one of my all time favorite reads.  It contains the beautiful story of Dr. Ben Carson.  It is amazing hearing about the resilience of a man who went from being a poor boy in Detroit to being a world-renowned Neurosurgeon.  His story is truly moving and never ceases to inspire me.

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this post.  If you have any prayer intentions, please feel free to direct message me on instagram or contact me through the Contact tab above.  Have a blessed day!!





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