What’s In My Purse? Catholic Travel Edition

Can you believe that Summer is almost over.  It always amazes me how fast it flies by!! But, honestly, I’m pretty pumped for fall to get here!!  I’m excited for a new school year, new opportunities, and the beautiful weather that Fall brings!!!  Here in Michigan, Fall is like one big tunnel of color and pumpkin spice!!  Lol.

Before Fall comes around the corner, though, I wanted to do a little Catholic Travel edition of “What’s In My Bag?”  During the summer, our family travels a lot.  And it’s wonderful.  But these are the days that my already heavy purse gets a little heavier!!

And seeing that a lot of the things that I lug around on our trips are faith related, I thought I’d hop on here and share what’s inside!!

Purse Picture 5

So here’s a basic overview of all the contents!!

Planner:  I always travel with my planner in tow.  Though I’m pretty bad about actually using it, it is always helpful to have.  I plan my blog posts and Instagram posts in there as well, so it definitely comes in handy.

Notebook:  Now this is probably my most have item.  I have kept notebooks in my purse for as long as I can remember, but this particular notebook is special.  Since starting my blog, this notebook has housed all of my ideas, schedules, lists, and so forth.  It is such a life saver to have, when I get an idea while we are on the road.  And yes, I could just write a note on my phone, but this is so much more organized!!  haha

Rosary:  Of course this one’s a staple!!  Gotta keep Mama Mary close, where ever we go!!

Wallet:  I got this wallet at Kmart a couple of years ago!!  But I like it and it fits its purpose!! More on that later!!

Phone:  Obviously!!!

Purse Sized Bible:  So, whenever we travel, I usually take my little zipper bible along.  It’s so nice to have a bible that zips up because then, if it ends up in a messy bag, you know that the pages won’t get messed up and it will be safe.  That is definitely the best part about this bible.  In case you are wondering, this is the bible that I only underline things in.  For more on my bible study methods, check out my Three Helpful Strategies for Studying Scripture.

Travel readings:  I usually take at least two books whenever we hit the road.  This weekend, I packed my Building Bridges book, which was featured in the last Saturday Sit Down, and A Beautiful Life, A Beautiful Death, a book a family friend wrote.  It is always wonderful to bring books along on trips, especially if you will be driving for a long time!!

Glasses case:  Very important!!

“The Miscellaneous Bag”:  This little bag contains all the little things that could easily get lost at the bottom of this bursting bag!!  Chapstick, lipshick, bobby pins, hair elastics, lotion, a pen for Bible note-taking, earbuds, etc. etc.

Purse Picture 3

I wanted to include a few things that are in my wallet.

Relic:  First of all, I have a relic of Blessed Solanus Casey.  On the other side of his picture, there is a small fragment of his clothing.  If you are not familiar with Father Solanus, he was a Detroit priest who, though very humble in his position, healed countless people due to his great faith.  His story is truly moving, and I would highly encourage you look him up!!

Prayer Card:  I also have a little card that says “I am a Catholic. In case of a serious accident, please call a priest.”  I love knowing that this is in my purse!!  It is also a wonderful reminder that we must always strive to remain in the state of grace!!!


Purse pit

What's In My Purse- Catholic Travel Edition!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post!!  I had so much fun writing it!!  Now, let’s enjoy these last few weeks of Summer while they last!!!

What is in your bag??




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