2018 Christmas Gift Guide | Shop Small, Catholic, Ethical

Hey friends!!

Is anyone else in disbelief that Christmas is 18 DAYS AWAY??  I honestly can’t believe it!

That being said, there are so many amazing brands that are so worth celebrating this season.  Seeing that Christmas is sneaking up on us so quickly, I thought I’d show you all a little list of my all-time favorite small shops and brands!  There are seriously so many amazing women behind these companies, it just makes me so happy!!

Also, keep in mind that many shops have deadlines for Christmas delivery!  If I have access to those dates, I will include them, but order as soon as possible!!  These beautiful people deserve a Christmas break, amiright??

And now, on to some of my favorite shops!!

Brick House in the City 2

Brick House in the City | @brickhouseinthecity

It just makes me so happy to see these beautiful tops and products pop up on my feed.  Lauren is truly doing so much good with this beautiful company and reaching so many people with these pieces.  I especially love her saint shirts, like the one on the right.  I mean, what a reminder of the greatness of the Church triumphant!!  Wear it with pride, sister!


Shop Fiat Lux

Shop Fiat Lux | @shop.fiatlux

I have always loved Stephanie’s products, but they’ve caught my eye even more recently!  She recently released her Advent line and it is so beautiful!  She has so many amazing products for this beautiful season, from Christmas prayer cards, to prints, to pillow cases.  And shes going to have a baby any day now!  So go check her shop out!  I know you won’t regret it!


Made for Christ

Made for Christ | @madeforchristshop

As someone who is constantly looking for good stickers (and might have a minor obsession with well-decorated laptops), these stickers never fail to catch my eye!  They are so darn cute and purposeful!  It’s easy to see that there is a lot of thought put into each piece.  Everything has a purpose!  I mean, a Hail Mary sticker is pretty legit, if you ask me!!


Stella Tide 2

Stella + Tide | @stellatide

I still feel so honored to have had the opportunity to interview Carrie over the summer and learn all about her beautiful company.  She is just now coming up on her first anniversary with Stella + Tide.  It’s so crazy to think that this little shop is only a year young and already reaching so many people!  Every single product in this shop is gorgeous and filled with so much purpose!  So go check them out! To receive by Christmas, make sure you order before midnight on the 10th!!


Welcome Bee Shop 2

Welcome Bee Shop | @welcomebeeshop

When I found Welcome Bee, I knew I found a friend for life.  As a lover of snail mail, these cards are my best friend!  All of their designs are so beautiful and intentional.  I feel like stationary is definitely something that is lacking in the Catholic creator community, so definitely check out these beautiful ladies for all of your letter writing needs!


Live Today Well Co. 2

Live Today Well Co. | @livetodaywellco

I might be biased, but these ladies are amazing!!!  I have been following both Mary (@creatingtolove) and Kara (@pursuingpurposeblog) for years and have always loved what they do.  Sooo, when they decided to co-found a brand, I couldn’t have been more excited!!  Since founding Live Today Well, these women have released so many amazing products and books.  Just yesterday, they announced a new book on the Incarnation, which would be a perfect gift for Christmas!  Seriously, give them some love!



Tumble | @wearetumble

I have been following Tumble for a while now and just love everything they do.  Their jewelry is so beautiful and high quality.  On top of just having pretty products, they also employ young moms and women trying to break free from abusive situations.  I absolutely love seeing female run companies that are helping their fellow women.  So go check them out!!  The deadline to receive by Christmas is tomorrow, so hurry up!!


Just Love Prints

Just Love Prints | @justloveprints

Last, but certainly not least!!  I have had a few of Lindsey’s prints hanging proudly above my desk for quite sometime now and I absolutely love them.  And who can go wrong with temporary tattoos??  You really can’t!  All of her designs are so beautiful and minimalistic.  It makes me so happy to see different women reping their favorite designs on social media and spreading light wherever they go!

I could keep going, but I think that’s good:)  I hope this little list helps you out this Christmas season!  Even if you don’t purchase anything, be sure to check out all of these beautiful companies and give them some love!

Have a beautiful day!


2018 Christmas Gift Guide

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