7 Awesome Movies For Young Catholics

Soooo.  I’m not a super huge movie junkie, but I definitely see merit in watching good movies when I find them.

Aaaaand, when I find those good movies, I always appreciate them a lot more than I originally thought I would.  There really is something special about hearing and watching a good story projected on the big screen, especially when it makes you think about the bigger things in life with greater appreciation, wonder, or greatness.

Above all, movies have the ability to make you appreciate totally new ways of life lived by totally different people.  People from different times, places, and cultures are displayed on the screens of the world, for the inspiration and encouragement of others. And that is a truly beautiful thing.

Movies are only as good as the amount of impact they have on any single person

I believe movies are only as good as the amount of impact they have on any single person.  They have to be universal, in that they affect everyone, no matter their standing. And they have to pack a punch in some way or another.  If you find yourself retracing your conception of the reality around you as you stand up from your family room couch, I think it was a good movie.

Now, one last note before I start the list.  I’m not a big Christian movie person.  I rarely feel like the message is covered in a real life way, so I often find them hard to relate to. There are a few faith-based movies on here, but not many.  But that doesn’t mean there is lack of impact.  Enjoy the list!!!

Pro-Life Movies:


This is by far my favorite pro-life movie!!!  Bella is the story of a young woman’s journey to keeping her baby and the events that brought to this noble decision.  It shows the power of friendship, a person’s ability to just be there when others need them, and the greatness of small, yet kind, gestures.  The story is so beautiful and moving.  And honestly, this is one of the few movies I have watched where I literally didn’t know what was going to happen until the last second!!!  This is one of those movies where you need to retrace reality after you finish watching it!!

October Baby

I had to include this one!!  I mean why not?  If you are not familiar with this movie, it is the story of a girl who finds out that she was adopted after her birth mother considered abortion.  Similar to what I liked from Bella, I really like the unpredictable-ness of this pro-life movie.  I feel like the main character, Hannah, was also a very relatable character for almost all teens these days.  She is trying to figure out her own identity as many teens are.  She is probably one of the most honest characters I have seen in a movie!!  Love love love it!!

Movies That are Inspiring/Motivating/Show us a Deeper Side of Life

Blind Side

Okay, you guys.  This movie is probably one of my favorites.  If you haven’t heard of it, this movie contains the inspiring story of offensive tackle, Michael Oher.  After growing up in a rough area of Memphis, Michael was taken in by a family and sent to school.  And that was where his football abilities began to shine.  His story is one of complete transformation and is such a beautiful movie to watch.  And I have a personal love for Sandra Bullock, who makes a marvelous appearance as Michael’s adoptive mother. Literally the best actor of our millennium!!  Haha!!

The Secret Life of Bees:

As American’s living in the 21st century of oblivion, I think it is so important for us to realize that people in our country haven’t always lived peaceful lives with nice homes and perfect circumstances.  And they still don’t.  No, just half a decade ago, there was nothing but tension in our country due to the treatment of minorities and “colored people”. The Secret Life of Bees is such an inspiring Civil Rights type movie.  It follows the lives of three African-American sisters who run a honey farm.  As new faces show up at their farm, somewhat unwelcome faces, they have to adapt.  This movie is truly a wake up call to so many things, one of which is the importance of an unerring faith amidst trouble.  This is definitely another reality-check movie!!  So good though!!


I’m just now realizing that I really enjoy lots of super moving, heart-wrenching movies. 33 is the story of 33 mine workers who were trapped inside a mine shaft for 69 days. With minimal food and the clothes on their backs, the men knew nothing of the work that their families and friends were doing to get them rescued after the government had given up.  This is such a wonderful story of hope and perseverance on all sides.

AND Some Good ‘Ole Girlfriend Movies:

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Okay, and now I get into some seriously awesome, yet slightly cheesy, movies.  I had to include at least one of those movies that no guy would ever sit through.  I watched The Magic of Ordinary Days with my sweet friend Grace a year or so ago and absolutely love it.   This movie talks about the power of true love, friendship, and the ability to get through times of struggle.  I believe it is set in World War II America, so that also gives it a nice historical twist.  This is just one of those movies that tends to bring ladies together. I love it so much when ladies can come together as friends or family and just talk about what they think about a certain topic.  With a genuine understanding of the power of opinion, we can do amazing things!!!

Old Fashioned:

Here’s another girl night movie for you all!!  Grace also recommended this one and we had another wonderful girls night watching it.  This movie follows a couple with very different opinions of the dating scene.  Clay is a young man who has vowed to remain pure in all of his relationships, in part due to unhealthy relationships in the past.  Amber, upon meeting him, shows a lot of resentment for his personal rules, finding them over the top and ‘old fashioned’.  And you can probably guess what happens next.  This is such an encouraging movie about the beauty in pure relationships and I know you will enjoy it too!!

I hope you get some inspiration for movie nights after reading this post!!!  Have a blessed Saturday!!!


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