2017 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide

Good Morning Sisters,

Can you believe that Advent begins this week?  I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that it is already here.

Christmas is such an exciting time of year.   There are parties and family gatherings and food and gift giving.  And rightly so.  We have this beautiful holy day all thanks to the gift of Our Savior coming to earth.

It’s sad to see how much people have put Christ’s birth aside.  Christmas has become commercialized, a time only for gain.  And on top that, gift giving is often seen as so obligatory that it lacks a lot of meaning.

Christ’s gift to us at Christmas gives us the perfect example this Christmas season.  Yes, we should give gifts to those we love.  But with greater meaning.

With this little gift guide, I want to challenge you to a more meaningful spirit of giving.  You might need to think a little outside of the box, but I know it will be worth it.  And you will be supporting some amazing Catholic companies in the process.

All the following brands are small Catholic companies that are completely on fire for Christ and his people.  They are sharing their craft as a means of evangelization and encouragement to others.  I hope you enjoy learning a bit about what they have to offer for you this Christmas season.


For my Ladies:

Lively Faith Co. il_570xN.1336252657_symm

Lively Faith sells some of the most beautiful shirts for mostly ladies and kids, EVER. They are so artistic and beautifully done.  My sister purchased two of their shirts over the summer and she has constantly had wonderful things to say about their quality and design.  With all their shirts inspired around famous Catholic quotes, verses, and mantras, I’m sure one of your loved ones would thoroughly enjoy any of them.

Brick house in theBrick House in the City

After months of seeing seriously adorable shirts floating around Instagram, I finally stumbled upon Brick House in the City.  This gorgeous Etsy store features a beautiful selection of calligraphy tee shirts and prints of all different styles.  And they have a wide selection of Christmas prints as well.  How perfect!!  I’m pretty much in love, you guys!!

Tea with Tolkientea-with-tolkien.jpg

Tea with Tolkien is truly one of a kind.  This whole spot is sculpted around a love for all things Tolkien.  And for those who haven’t hopped on that wagon (hu-hum.. me.  Sorry), they also have numerous C.S. Lewis pieces.  Even for the skeptical, this shop offers so many beautiful pieces, regardless of preference.  Journals, cards, shirts, mugs, prints, you name it!!  So so cool.

Lady's garden rosariesMary’s Garden Rosaries

Here, my friends, is your stop for all things concerning beads and jewels.  I absolutely love when Catholic jewelry companies come up with creative ways to style miraculous medals and crucifixes.  A beaded chain can also make a simple medal so elegant.  I find these little combos so delicate and beautiful, a perfect gift for any lady!!


For the Guys:

Catholic Balm Co. barbatus-beard-balm

Guys are so hard to buy for, Am I Right??  When I heard of the Catholic Balm Co. I couldn’t help but relish in the realization that I huge problem had been solved.  Thanks guys.  Catholic Balm Co. is a Catholic run and operated business for men’s hygiene products.  From high end beard balms to lotions and lip balms, they will have any man in your life very happy with their gift!!

T-Q1AHR__36780.1510860630Catholic to the Max

As far as getting a guy a good Catholic t-shirt, I love Catholic to the Max!!  While they sell shirts for everyone, Catholic to the Max sells some amazing shirts for guys.  The masculine designs are perfect for all guys and great quality!  Their designs are bold and very well done.  I know many people who have found favorites at this site!!



Meyer Market Designsil_570xN.1360150389_5ll1.jpg

Meyer Market is filled with so many amazing Catholic decorative pieces.  One thing that really stuck out to me is their beautiful pillow cover designs.  There are so many beautiful quotes and thoughts that they feature and could totally brighten up any room.  And why shouldn’t every room have a nice Catholic pillow.  Meyer Market also sells personalized Christmas cards, journals, and prints, all of which would be beautiful in any home!!

somedaysaintsdesigns.jpgSomeday Saints Designs

On top of the beautiful mugs, prints, and shirts at this shop, one thing totally stuck out to me.  Someday Saints sells a scriptural coloring calendar!!  With adult coloring books being all the rage recently and the fact that we can always use a good reminder of our faith, this calendar is so perfect for basically every Catholic lady.  How creative!!!

Telos Arttelosart

Telos Art has a very beautiful minimalistic, yet bold style to all its pieces.  They sell a wide range of prints and art pieces, all of which work very well together and would be great additions to a gallery wall.  They also feature many prayers, such as the Anima Christi and A Prayer to the Holy Spirit, as prints.

il_570xN.1188018771_b458.jpgSweet Oak Gallery

Most of Sweet Oak Gallery’s pieces are centered on the most delicious part of any home: the kitchen.  Like St. Therese’s little 10 bead rosaries, this shop makes beautiful wall mount kitchen rosaries.  I love the idea of just going about your day and saying prayers with every step of the way.  I think these beautiful kitchen rosaries will make beautiful, and intentional, gifts this Christmas season!!


I hope you enjoyed this gift guide!!  Do you have any other Catholic companies that you plan to support this season.  If so, please comment below or over on Instagram!!



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