Simplicity Tea Unboxing!!

Disclaimer:  The products in this post were provided by Simplicity Tea.  As always, all opinions are my own.

I love tea.  Before I ever got into drinking coffee, I would drink tea by the cupful.  And by cupful, I mean like 16 oz. tumblers mug.  Like I said, obsessed!!

There is just something special about having a cup of tea in your hand.  The strong aroma, fresh taste, and feel of that cup in your hand is just amazing!!  And when you have a good book to read while you sip, well, it’s just a whole mind, body, spirit experience (please pardon that.  I couldn’t resist).  I would gladly spend any evening sipping on a hot cup of tea!!

With fall just around the corner, I was so happy to find a beautiful little tea subscription to “fall” in love with!!  I love snail mail and couldn’t be happier to have tea sent right to my door!!  Enter Simplicity Tea.


Simplicity Tea is a new monthly subscription service for every tea lover.  Each package contains a mix of 3-4 loose leaf teas, and a tea accessory!  Each blend comes with brewing instructions, for best use, as well as a full rundown of what’s inside.

And, let me tell you, these teas are a-mazing!!  I am usually not someone who likes to go out of my comfort zone, taste wise, but these teas give you a sampling into different flavors and kinds, which is wonderful for any wary souls out there!!

Another big bonus to this subscription is that all their teas are loose-leaf.  I first got into loose leaf tea about a year ago and absolutely love it!  It is so beautiful to see all the raw ingredients in each tea capsule, much different than ground up herbs in a mesh teabag!!  Loose-leaf tea also eliminates a lot of unnecessary waste!!  Whoot Whoot!

Now, for the unboxing!!


+ Earl Grey Lavender

Your girl was a little unsure of this one at first.  Love Earl Grey, but with Lavender??  Ha.  I was so wrong!!  I LOVE this tea and have been drinking it almost every afternoon while I work!!  Such a beautiful fresh taste, with lots of flavor!!

+ Irish Breakfast

The little description card on this one explains it as a “hearty blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka”!!  Definitely agree!  Very tasty, especially with a bit of cream!  (Don’t judge me;)

Tuck Me In

Second favorite!!  I love nights when I can drink a good sleepy time tea and read a few chapters of who knows what!  It’s just pure bliss, if you ask me!  This tea is so good and definitely prepares me for a good night’s rest!!

Oh Sugar Sugar

Ohhh Sugar Sugar!!  I had never used rock sugar in my tea before this and absolutely love it!!  Just add a few chunks into tea as it steeps for a bit of sweetness!!  Unlike conventional sugar, these little babies never overpower the taste of the tea and are easy to measure!!

Mate Java

Coffee tea??  Say whatttt!!  I haven’t really gotten a chance to brew a good cup of this yet, but I’m definitely excited to try it out!!

+ Cute little Tea Steeper!!  Bonus!!!


Okay, you guys!!  Officially obsessed!  Love this company so much and cannot wait to order again from them soon!!  Bring it on, fall!!

If you’d like to order some Simplicity Tea for yourself, check out their website,!!!  Or check them out on Instagram!!

Have a beautiful day, my friends!!


Simplicity Tea Unboxing!!.png


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