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Hey friends!!

In honor of this month of honoring the saints, I though it would be fun to hear how different women have fallen in love with their patron saints.  So, I hopped over to Insta and asked if anyone would be interested in sharing…  and you guys delivered!!!  So many amazing women reached out, eager to share about their favorite saints!

Due to the amount of amazing women who reached out to participate, this will be a two part post, with the second half coming next Saturday.  It has been so beautiful to see all these beautiful stories about the saints and I truly hope that you enjoy them just as much as I have.  Thank you so much to Kelsey, Issa, and Joey for making this post possible!!  More to come soon!!


Kelsey Dassance | @kelseydassance

St. John Paul II has always held a special place in my heart. Even before the church elevated him to sainthood, I found great inspiration from his life of conviction and hope. He has inspired me and so many others to live an adventurous life in the absence of fear and in total pursuit of the Kingdom. His witness to the faith during his life and throughout his papacy was one of unwavering faith and radical boldness.

His common plea “do not be afraid” has resonated the deepest parts of my heart and called me to a life of radical holiness. Our hearts that were formed truly in the image of God beg us to dedicate our lives to the Kingdom; in pursuit of what is true, holy and good. John Paul was an incredible witness of this vocational call to radical holiness and a true pillar of hope. We were not created to be bystanders of greatness; God has written each of us into the story of eternity in a communion of Saints.


Issa Somera | @gracetothehumble

I’m sure many of us have our own special relationship with The Little Flower. She’s one of the many saints who beam from heaven, cheering us towards sainthood and showering us with roses from above.

She first approached my mother, who had the time suffered from breast cancer. A family friend had given her a relic of St. Thérèse during her treatment. Her next operation was to be a mastectomy, a procedure which removes the breast tissue to prevent tumor metastasis. After my mom’s surgery, she placed the relic of the saint on her chest, and miraculously felt no pain, even being post-op! Ever since then, my family has always asked for the intercession of The Little Flower.

The saint then called to me this year, imploring me to pray her novena. I reached out to my friends,  starting an online “Novena Club” in hopes of accountability, answered prayers, and a closer relationship with St. Thérèse. I asked the saint to help me discern my vocation and career – a white rose to be a doctor and a red rose to be a mother. There is nothing I desire more than to be a mother, and my lifelong dream is to be a pediatrician! During these nine days, I found myself having more heart to hearts with the Little Flower, and decided to read her autobiography, Story of A Soul, once her feast day came.

One day on my campus, I passed by a statue of Our Lady who is adorned with beautiful roses. The gardener trimming the bushes saw me, and offered me the roses from the feet of Mary. He cut three beautiful pink roses, and gave them to me. Pink. A mix of red and white. I prayed to St. Thérèse and Mama Mary, thanking them for fulfilling my vocation. I was beyond joyful to hear that I could be both a doctor and mother, but whether it be a medical doctor, Doctor of the Church, physical mother, or spiritual mother – I’ll leave that up to God and how He chooses to call me.  The night before All Saints Day, my generous missionary, also a lover of Saint Thérèse, had given her special memento of the Little Flower. It was a vile of oil soaked in the bones of St. Thérèse. I was beyond grateful for St. Thérèse’s active pursuit of friendship, and was ecstatic to declare her as my patroness the following day. May we always remember her Little Way and childlike love for Christ. St. Thérèse of Lisiuex , pray for us!



Joey Moser | @aureliamakes5

When I was getting confirmed at the age of fourteen I chose my patron saint, Monica, so that my initials would spell JAMS… that’s right; a brilliant reason to select a patron Saint right?  Later in life I heard my teacher’s voice in my head saying, “You don’t choose your saint your patron saint chooses you!”

As an adult I have felt Monica’s nudgings in my life often and decided I needed to get to know her better.  Her prayers literally changed the world.  Her perseverance in prayer not only changed the trajectory of her husband and child’s eternal life but also all of the people that they have touched.  Her son, Saint Augustine ended up being one of the most well-known saints and a doctor of the church… all because of one mother’s prayers!!!

As a parent I want to leave that legacy of prayer.  Four years ago we miscarried our third child.  As devastating of a process as that was, grace and beauty abounded.  The best part was that my prayer life was ignited.  Going through the grieving process of losing a child allowed me to see the importance and intimacy of prayer. Saint Monica’s legacy of prayer is one we are still talking about some sixteen hundred years later.  I want a prayer life like that!! I want a prayer life that changes the world!

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